diwali gift hampers

Hampers work very well as gifts, as there are many gifts in one. The joy and excitement of receiving a personalised gift multiply when it’s a hamper. Diwali hampers have become quite a trend these last few years in the bigger cities. But, what sets a Diwali hamper apart is a customised one for your giftee. Pre-packed hampers lack the personalised touch.

Here’s a checklist to ensure your Diwali hamper is truly something unique, something to remember you by when the festival is long over.

Diwali Gift Hamper Ideas

1) Do not buy a pre-packed hamper. Even if you are gifting a foodie, a hamper of Diwali sweets gift packs doesn’t cut it, you need to add foods that your giftee particularly likes. Think through, does your giftee like jewellery, quirky stationery? Does he collect perfumes? Does she dabble in art? Would she or he like a gift voucher to buy books…? The idea is to spend time figuring out what would really tick the boxes for the person you are going to gift.

2) Write a letter – not a gift tag – and add it to the hamper. This should talk about how much you value the person’s presence in your life - a personal touch that makes all the difference. Be honest, and write from your heart.

3) Pack the Diwali gift hamper yourself, using a nice cane basket or box and adding crafty touches to it. Spray on a bit of your perfume to give it more personality. Or order the Warm Wishes Cane Basket with a brass diya in it - from Cadbury Gifting. You may customise all the CadburyGifting chocolate gifts you choose from our rich repertoire of chocolate products. Add a name, photo and a message to delight your giftee.

4) Add something handmade to the hamper. This could be anything from a set of embroidered napkins to a small hand-painted planter. A set of hand-painted diyas with the names of the family members on each diya, too, would work well. This addition enhances the personal touch.

5) A hamper with fresh flowers in it brightens up the gift immensely. Avoid the elaborate bouquets, just a bunch of the freshest flowers you can find will do the trick. You can arrange the flowers in a vase and carry them in your hamper.

6) Whether it is a Diwali gift for parents or a Diwali gift for a boyfriend, sweets are the all-important part of a Diwali gift hamper. The Rich Dry Fruit Collection Pack of 2, an attractive tin of assorted nuts coated fine chocolate, is a sweet touch that marries the tradition of gifting dry fruits with the added elegance of chocolate. The best part? You may personalise the pack with a photo, name and message for your giftee.

7) Ideally, carry across the hamper yourself – you can send it across by other means as well, but this will not have the same impact.

8) Gift the Diwali hamper a few days before the actual festival to ensure it does not get lost in the clutter of other gifts.

9) If there is a child in the house, no matter which member the Diwali hamper is addressed to, add a Warm Wishes Kids Potli from CadburyGifting for the young miss or master – with his or her name and photo in it. This takes your gift to another level and transforms it into an occasion of joyfulness for the entire family.

10) Gift wrap individual presents except for the CadburyGifting chocolate gift as it comes beautifully wrapped and adds an attractive touch to your hamper. Gift wrapping the individual presents enhances the excitement as the giftee is kept guessing what the goodies are in the hamper.

‘Best Diwali Gifts’ for Family and Friends to add to your hamper

This is a Diwali gift that money cannot buy; it is something that you cannot wrap in beautiful paper and decorate to add to the dressiness of your hamper, yet it is something truly precious.

This is the gift of your time, your attention and empathy.

In the rush of our everyday lives, we often forget the importance of spending time with people who we may love and respect, simply catching up on each other’s lives. Even with friends, we seldom have time for a one-on-one chat. At best, it is a group of friends meeting for a drink or coffee once in a while.

This Diwali, take time out to visit friends and family you have not connected with properly in a long time. Carry along your hamper and spend time chatting about anything and everything.

It does not matter whether your hamper is big or small, filled with things expensive or homemade. What counts is that it has been put together with thought and care and lots of love to mark the true spirit of the Festival of Lights.