Diwali party hacks to have the best Diwali ever

As we know, Diwali is all about love, togetherness, joy and happiness. To celebrate the festive vibes of the happiest time of the year, you might want to come together with the precious people in your life. And what’s a better way than having all of them under one roof at your Diwali party?

Hosting a Diwali party is a huge task. Nevertheless, there are several tricks and tweaks to make it memorable for everyone, including you. We’ve rounded up some of the easiest hacks to turn it into a fun night. Let’s take a look below:

  1. Prepare a guest list
  2. First things first. You need to have a guest list in place. Period. Make a list of the people you want to see at your party. See to it that you’re not overwhelmed at the time of making a guest list. It is okay if you have a smaller group of close ones to celebrate the festival with you! Once you have a final list of people, send them personal invites or make quick calls.

    Diwali Party- Guest List

  3. Opt for personalised gifts
  4. Diwali Party- Personalised Chocolates

    Diwali is an ideal time to play around with experimental gift ideas. Since personalised gifts are making headlines, choose it as Diwali party gift ideas to send your guests home with a little something. Add a dash of customisation to a regular chocolate box. Cadbury personalised Diwali gifts are one of the best Diwali gift ideas to spread joy and happiness in their life on a festive occasion.

  5. Make a festive meal
  6. Food is always and will forever remain the key element of any party, especially when it is Diwali. The festive season is generally a great time to experiment with your culinary skills and present your guest with some of the best cuisines. You can also have a separate table for traditional Diwali food- Faral. In fact, a contemporary and traditional meal will keep your guest’s tummy full.

    Diwali Party- Festive Meal

  7. Have a chaat counter
  8. It is no secret that chaat is everybody’s soul food. A small chaat counter for your Diwali party will work wonders on your guests. So, strike a deal with your neighbourhood paani puri bhaiya and get him to make some yummy chaat for your guests. If there are a few people who don’t prefer chaat , have a separate counter for them stocked with nachos, dips, guacamole, etc.

  9. Make room for a selfie counter
  10. Have you been to a party if you don’t post a zillion pictures on your socials? Perhaps, not! This festive season, let your near and ones show off their sharp jawline and Diwali OOTD (Outfit of the Day!) on Instagram, Snapchat, and various other photo-uploading apps. Curate a selfie booth with a cool set up in your house for all the photoholics coming over to your party.

  11. Pay close attention to the details
  12. Diwali Party- Decoration for Diwali

    It is no secret that your guests pay attention close to the intricate details, such as the decor pieces, decoratives diyas, colourful torans. So, why should you miss out on those? This festive season, be the perfect host and take special care of the decor of your Diwali party. From decorating your house with flower garlands to lighting the whole space with fairy lights and diyas, pay close attention to everything to impress them.

  13. Plan fun activities
  14. The festival of Diwali is all about the fun banter with your near and ones. So what’s better than some super chill games to keep up the spirit of the festival alive? For starters, begin with a card game for everyone. You can have a separate kid-friendly area for all the children coming over to your party. End the night with a fun karaoke session gathering all the kids and oldies!

    Diwali Party- Celebration

    This festive season, don’t fret about hosting a larger than life Diwali party. Our guide is here to make everyone’s life a lot simple. Trust us and follow our hacks. Happy Badi Diwali, guys!