10 Eid Gift Ideas For Your Friends and Family

Choosing the perfect gift for your friends and family who have observed an entire month of fasting requires a genuine thought.

From expensive Eid gift ideas to simple yet eye-catching ones, you would want the present to reflect your love for them and also for it to be valuable. To make this occasion extra special for your loved ones, here are some Ramadan personalised gift ideas that you can pick from and have your Eidi stand out!

  1. Aromatic Perfume
  2. Who doesn’t love a fragrant bottle of Attar or perfume as a gift? It is the go-to option for most people as everyone enjoys rubbing some scent on their clothes for the festive. You can also easily guess the kind of Attar your loved ones would prefer without a worry. A heavenly scent in an elegant bottle of perfume will make them remember your gift in the times to come.

    EID Gifting Perfumes
    Personalised Chocolate Gifting

  3. Chocolates Boxes
  4. A present with a customised touch is always favoured over others as it feels more special. And getting personalised chocolate gift boxes is the best way to win hearts, be it an adult or a child. Pick various kinds of chocolates and let them enjoy the delectable dessert inside. So don’t just stop at one chocolate and gift them a pack!

  5. Beautiful Decor Piece
  6. Everyone treasures a beautiful decor piece that can brighten up their space. Especially a non-permanent kind of accessories like wall hangings, wind chimes, wall tapestries, lamps, and ceramics can revamp the place. You can go all out with decor as the options are endless and the only problem would be to finalise on what to buy.

    EID Décor Gifting
    EID Card Gifting

  7. Gift Cards
  8. Getting gift cards of a favourite brand can be the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. Most people love shopping and always have a beloved label which they cannot skip past. Such a thoughtful gift will surely make them giddy with excitement and ready to go on a shopping spree.

  9. Sweet Eid Treats
  10. As it is a celebration after all, why not whip up something if you are a gifted cook? Desserts like Sevai kheer, sweet biscuits with filling, Baklava, Turkish delight or Raha, etc. will be the most sought after dish when you walk in at that Iftar party. You can create and DIY Eid gift boxes containing these delicious treats for your family and friends to enjoy over the week.

    EID Sweets
    EID Abaya

  11. Clothes
  12. Depending on who you are gifting, you can either buy a gorgeous Abaya for your female friend or choose a luxurious Suit and Pathani for your male acquaintance. But if shopping gets troublesome for you, a scarf or a shawl with vibrant colours or intricate patterning can be a safe bet. So don’t worry, and get shopping!

  13. Gourmet Food Hamper
  14. A gourmet food hamper can be the most endearing Eid Mubarak gift containing their favourite exotic nuts, fruits, spices, cooking ingredients and chocolates. You can mix them up any way that you like and wrap it in some fancy decoration. These can be effortlessly customised if you know the person well and get them something they cannot resist.

    EID Gifting dry fruits
    EID Toy Gifting

  15. Toys
  16. Now, for the little ones of the family, gifting a toy is the way to their heart. But you can get creative with the Eid gift ideas and buy them something like a mini scooter, Lego of their favourite superhero, puzzles & building blocks, play kits, etc. You will be a true hero if you get them a plaything they have been wanting for a long time. So go all out for the little ones and get them the best Eidi gift!

    Happiest Eid Mubarak to you and your blessed family! May this joyous day be full of laughter with your loved ones. And don’t you forget the gifts!