Exciting Gifts To Celebrate Your Love On Rose Day 2022

Rose Day kicks off the countdown to the highly anticipated Valentine’s Day and is much loved among fans of romance. It is a day to profess your admiration and affection to those you love and a wonderful occasion to make them feel special. While, as the name suggests, roses are the staple gift on Rose Day, there are myriad other ways in which you can express your love.

Rose Day in India

Though Valentine’s Day is a western tradition, it has gained a great deal of popularity in India as well. Rose Day is the first day of Valentine’s week and is met with much enthusiasm. Many Indians have made this tradition their own by celebrating their romantic and platonic relationships on this day by giving each other roses and other gifts.

Here are some wonderful gifts you can give to your loved ones on Rose Day to make them feel special:

Rose Day gifts for your lover

Personalised Chocolate Boxes

Deluge your lover in pure indulgence with Cadbury personalised chocolate boxes. The silky smooth chocolates and aesthetic packaging are sure to spark delight in their heart. Give them a personalised Silk bar or Personalised Love Tin Box with cute messages to make them smile. You could also opt for a Video Personalised Love Tin Box to profess your love in the form of a video. Sing a song or recount your most cherished videos in a beautiful video message- the personal touch will take your love to new heights! The Personalised Love Box series allows you to choose the chocolates of your liking and also come with an artificial red rose, making them perfect for Rose Day!

Promise Rings

Deepen your relationship with your lover by exchanging promise rings. Promise rings show to the world that your heart belongs to another and you are completely devoted to nurturing your relationship with them. For those in a serious relationship, they are the perfect gift for Rose Day!

Handmade cards

Regardless of your level of expertise in arts and crafts, a handmade card is a heartwarming way to show how much you care. You can write a love poem or compile a list of 10 things you adore about them to make it even more meaningful. You can also adorn it with dried rose petals or rose-shaped paper cuttings to make it perfect for Rose Day 2022!

Couple's spa treatment

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can make it difficult for us to relax and enjoy ourselves with our significant others in a stress-free way. Therefore, a couple's spa day may be just what you need to spend quality time with each other while unwinding all your worries. It will also prepare you for all days of Valentine’s week!

Wish your friends Happy Rose Day!

Your friends stick by you through thick and thin and deserve to feel the love you have for them. Make sure to celebrate your friendship on this Rose Day by giving them meaningful gifts from our list.

Bonus tip: Pair these gifts with a yellow rose as they symbolise friendship and caring!

Assorted Chocolates

Say “I love you” to your best friends with a selection of assorted chocolates from the Cadbury Gifting range. They are a wonderful way to symbolise the various flavours and textures of friendship. Be it the Silk Selection or Dark Range, we guarantee you will find something that matches your tastes and needs.

Handmade Jewellery

Gift your friends handmade jewellery to deepen your bond with them. Browse the net, and you are sure to find something that is not only easy to make but also aesthetically pleasing. Be it bracelets, necklaces or earrings, make sure to give them a personal touch- for instance, you could make them in their favourite colour or spell out their name with beads. You could also make a matching pair for yourself, which you can wear whenever you hang out with them as a symbol of your bond.

Quirky Bookends

Bookends will make for the perfect gift for your bookworm friends. Keep their aesthetics in mind while also searching for something with a quirky design to guarantee a smile on their faces. This will make sure that every time they reach for their books, they are reminded of their friendship with you.

While roses are the quintessential gifts for Rose Day, you could always pair them up with any of these choices to make the day even more special.