Fun and cute personalised Birthday gifts for teenage girls

It’s a mystery to many when it comes to deciding what to give as birthday gifts for teenage girls. Most of them have their own personal styles when it comes to fashion, food, accessories, tech, and to be honest, everything. They have all the deets on the most trending things. How do you match their taste and pick the best gifts for teenage girl on her birthday? Though you get some exciting ideas, you always hear a voice saying, ‘are you sure she’s going to like it?’. As they are set in their ways and have bold opinions, it might be a bit of a challenge to please them. To make gifting a great experience and something that anyone will love, we have come up with a list of the best birthday gifts for teenage girls. Cadbury Celebrations Gifting is what you need for delectable and prettily packed chocolate gift box ideas.

Birthday gift ideas for teenage daughter

It’s a ritual during the birthday months to take your daughter shopping for the best outfits. You know her favourite brands, her style of dressing and what she loves to eat. While these are the things you already know, how do you bring in the WOW factor to make her give you her million-dollar smile? Here’s a sweet thought! How about some yummy chocolate gift pack ideas?

Yes, you heard it right. Cadbury Celebrations Gifting brings you Happy Birthday Edition Silk Miniatures - Personalised Pack. This mouthwatering, creative chocolate gift idea is like the cherry on top. It contains 24 Silk Miniatures in 4 flavours - Classic Chocolate, Sea Salt, Butterscotch and Almond. How’s that for a variety? It can be personalised with a photo and her name on it.

Here’s where you can bring in a personal touch of creativity. Instead of getting her photo on the pack, pick her favourite actor, K Pop singer or a character from her favourite book or series and get their photo placed on the box. Now she will realise how much you know about what she loves, and you will be rewarded with that smile you were waiting for. She can relish the sweet treats and cherish the box by keeping it as a photo frame of her favourite star.

It comes in a beautifully designed box with a bold neon coloured ‘Happy Birthday’ message on top too. The pretty chocolate pack speaks for itself, and you will not have to think about gift wrapping ideas for birthday.

Birthday gift for best friend teenager

Gifting is a trend when it comes to teenagers, and the kind of gifts always count. While some spend generously, others depend on their saved pocket money to gift their best buds. For both of them, we have some toothsome ideas from Cadbury Celebration Gifting. Three creative, stylishly packed and mouthwatering chocolate gift box ideas.

  1. Cadbury Heart Shaped Gift Box - With Video Personalisation
  2. There’s no hesitation in these times to just say ‘I Love You’ to your family, better halves or even friends too. While we share this message openly, why not go for this creative chocolate gift idea? It comes packed in a rich purple heart-shaped box with floral designs and has an option to be personalised with a name, photo and a video.

    You can share a cute picture of the 2 of you with her pet name, which you especially call her. Make a photo collage video of all your adventures together and share a happy birthday message in the end. You can write something like ‘Thanks for being born bestie. You make everything fun and beautiful. Happy Birthday!’. The box has 36 pieces of Silk heart-shaped home treats to savour.

  3. Cadbury Premium Silk Bar - Personalised Pack (Create Your Own Mix)
  4. Here’s something delicious and cute wrapped in a bar for a small budget gift. This is one of the many chocolate gift box ideas you get on the Cadbury Gifting site. You can pick your friend’s favourite flavoured chocolate bar and get it personalised with her name, photo and a message on it. You can choose a photo of the 2 of you and later use the wrapper to make a great photo frame out of it. Isn’t that a fun idea to make with the chocolate gift wrap?

Last minute birthday gifts for teenage girl

Invited to your friend’s daughter’s birthday or your kid’s friend’s birthday? And you forgot all about it in the hustle-bustle of things? Cadbury Celebration Gifting has got you covered! Order yourself or get your kid to order this simple and cute Cadbury Premium Silk Bar - Personalised Pack (Create Your Own Mix). You can pick a chocolate bar of your choice and personalise it with a photo and the birthday girl’s name on it. Though it may not seem too big as it’s last minute, the gesture is surely gonna please her.

You can also order a Cadbury Happy Birthday Edition Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Box - Personalised Pack. It’s a creative chocolate gift idea for teen girls as it comes in a vibrant box with a neon ‘Happy Birthday’ message. It contains assorted confectionery in 3 flavours - Cadbury Almond Magic, Nut Butterscotch and Raisin Magic. You can also personalise this box with the giftee’s name and photo. The box is elegantly designed so that you will not have to worry about gift wrapping ideas.

There’s nothing in this world like a gift that pleases anyone more than a box of chocolate treats. Now you know what to gift.