Gift Ideas for Women’s Day Celebration in Office

Women’s Day celebration comes as a major breakthrough in establishing gender parity in society. While the day goes out in honouring and cherishing the woman in each of your lives, it is equally important that you express your love for them in the form of unique gifts. Similarly, depending upon the relationship you share with your colleagues, getting them presents that echo uniqueness will only flatter them to the fullest.

Thus, prep up and take a deep dive into the pool of gift ideas for women's day celebration in office.

1. Monogrammed notebook

Who doesn’t love penning their thoughts or collecting their favourite stamps and postcards? Well, this notebook will serve just right for that scribbler colleague in your workplace. For a dash of a fancy and added hint of customization, you can get the notebook monogrammed in the initials of your friend. Tuck a small bookmark in it with a little note saying how special she is.

2. Unique goods

Getting women’s day gifts for colleagues is now much easier with unique goods like etched glasses. Depending on where your colleagues’ hometown is, you can get a set of glasses etched with the name of the place she resides in. It’s a unique way to personalize classic gifts like novelty glasses.

3. Personalized chocolates

Who says no to chocolates! Be it Valentine’s or Women’s Day, chocolates will always and shall stay the best form of personalized gifts. You can also get them customized in various shapes and packed in decorated women’s day special gift boxes for a dash of appeal.

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4. Jewellery

Jewellery is thought to be a woman’s favourite valuable. Buying a unique accessory that’s both rare and thoughtful can be one of the best gifts for your colleague on woman’s day. You can further personalize it by attaching a monogram pendant and wrapping it in a beautifully-printed cover paper to lend a dash of pop.

5. Photo frame

Everybody loves storing memories in beautiful frames that encapsulate the beautiful essence of a picture. You can also get a custom-made photo frame with your colleagues’ name etched on it to make it stand out from the rest of the gifts.

6. Desk calendar

Believe it or not, your colleague enjoys her holidays too. If your colleague is a travel enthusiast, you can get a cute, world traveller desk calendar with customized quotes of her favourite authors to add a personal touch to the gift. It will serve as a reminder of how special she is and will also help keep a track of the travel destinations.

7. Personalized caricature

People love to see their hobbies or interests carved into miniature decorative shapes. This personalized caricature can be anything from a chef to an artist or a writer, which will showcase her passion in a unique, beautiful manner. You can also get the caricature’s face personalized with an imprint of an image of your colleague.

All in all, it is a day that should go out in honouring and cheering the women you have in your life. Whether it is your mother, sister, wife or a colleague, this day should be celebrated by making them feel special. It could be a small gesture or a present that is personal to her, but when something is done with a sole intention of making your lady feel loved and exclusive, go the unconventional way, for women’s day gift ideas in office can truly unfold an essence as beautiful and divine as womanhood.


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