Give Handmade Gifts to Your Loved Ones this Diwali

Every Diwali, traditionally, we play cards, meet up for meals and exchange gifts with family and friends. And every festival of lights, the gifts we give are the usual suspects – sweets, dry fruit, decorative items. This Diwali, why not go in for DIY Diwali gifts? At Cadbury Gifting, we thought we could encourage you to turn things around and gift your loved ones truly original, handmade, DIY gifts. Tell your loved ones, through your gift, how much you love and appreciate them. Here are some interesting Diwali handmade gift ideas that you could use.

Handmade Diwali Gifts

1. Wine Bottle Lights

Bottle lights impart a warm glow that is particularly cheerful on Diwali. They can be used to light up any corner of the house or placed on tables to bring that festive cheer. It is easy to make these bottle lights if you know how. All you need is empty wine bottles and old LED lights left over from last Diwali.

Here is what you need to do. Thoroughly clean the bottles and soak off the labels so that the bottles are nice, clear and shiny. Once they are dry, stuff the LED lights inside them. Don't forget to keep the power end out which you need to connect to a power socket. Test the lights and once you’re happy with them, pack them with some Diwali wrapping paper, ready for gifting.

2. Handmade Dreamcatcher

Here’s an interesting handmade Diwali gift idea. This is a perfect gift for your young daughter, sister or niece. She’s sure to admire it and hang it up in her room. What you need is an embroidery frame, some tassels, yarn, fabricflowers, artificial plant leaves, glue and rope.

Use the rope to make a loop on top of the embroidery frame to hang the frame with. With the glue, stick the flowers and leaves on the frame in a pleasing pattern. Cut the yarn to the correct length and attach the lengths of it to the bottom of the frame. At the ends of the yarn strings, attach the tassels. And your dream catcher is ready for gifting with love.

3. Bangle Candle Holder

As a Deepavali gift idea, this is easy to make and magical to look at. All you need are some old glass bangles, some glue, some strong adhesive and a coke/drink can. Stack up the bangles one on top of the other until you get a candle holder height. The bangles can be different colours but the same size so that they can be neatly glued one on top of the other to form a tube. Once the tube is set and the glue dried, cut a circular shape the exact size of one end of the bangle tube from the tin of the coke/drink can. Use a strong adhesive to attach this tin circle to one end of the tube to close it. Make sure that this is neatly done, and that no odd ends of the tin foil are sticking out. Cut them away if they are. Now place a candle inside this candle stand and light it. Watch as its flickering flame throws coloured light around it. Your gift is ready.

4. Homemade Candles

You don’t need to rush to the market to buy candles for gifting – you can make them at home. Here’s what you need: small glass containers or dessert jars, old/half-used candles, and thick thread for the wick.

Clean the glass containers dry them and set them aside. Now take all the old candles – they can be different colours (in fact the more colourful the better) and put them in a pan and heat the pan. Once the wax has melted in the pan, you need to move fast. Hang the thread in the centre of the glass container and pour the wax into it to the brim. Then submerge the container full of wax in cold water for it to set. Be careful that you don’t burn your hand with hot wax. Once you have a set of six candles, pack them in cellophane with a colourful ribbon on top, ready for gifting.

5. Handmade Coasters

These might make a good Diwali gift for your husband. They are quick and easy to make but look great. To make them you will need: rope, a hot glue gun, a craft mat, scissors, fabric paint and a paintbrush.

Lay the craft mat out flat and on it stick one end of the rope with glue. Now start coiling the rope around this point, making a circle, and sticking each coil with the next with glue. When you reach a diameter suitable for a coaster, cut the rope and tuck and stick the loose end into the last coil. You should now have a spiral rope circle stuck to the craft mat. Let it dry completely before detaching it from the mat. Make a set of six or 12 of these coasters. With the fabric paint and paintbrush, you can paint interesting designs on the coasters to give them a distinctive look. Pack the set in cellophane and colourful ribbon, ready for gifting.

6. Personalized Diwali Gifts from Cadbury Gifting

Give your creativity-free rein this Diwali by choosing a personalised gift from Cadbury Gifting. It could be a gift box, a polti or a hamper full of chocolate goodness or even just a bar of chocolate. And then write an evocative message for your loved one that will touch her/his heart and say how much you care for her/him. Add an image that you can create on an imaging programme on your phone/laptop – add special effects, tones or even other images to create something that truly represents the person you’re sending the gift to. Appreciation will definitely be yours!

Your handmade Diwali DIY gifts are sure to get much appreciation from your loved ones.

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