Give Personalized Gifts This Republic Day

Let the acts of our heroic past shine with pride this Republic Day. Be it chocolates or Republic Day gifts, leave a smile on the faces of those you care for with personalized gifts that stand out from the rest.

Celebrated on the 26th of January, Republic Day is a day that goes out in paying tribute to the heroes of our motherland. This day, our Indian Constitution came into being and is celebrated in great honor and glamor. Be it any occasion like Lohri or Christmas or Republic Day, the specialty of a personalized gift raises the novelty of any occasion.

Republic Day celebrations usually mark off with flag hoisting and parades by armed forces and school children. Although it is celebrated differently in different parts of the country, the crux of enjoyment rests in paying tribute to our nation we lovingly know as India. One can seldom consider this occasion as a day to exchange gifts. As for any Indian citizen, it is a day each individual is proud of and pays tribute to the other by gifting presents that represent India. You can take the conventional way by gifting a tricolor flag to your friend, family member, or colleague or choose a rather unconventional path of making personalized presents to make a lasting impression.

When it comes to personalized items, Cadbury gives you the best options that you can put together to create delightful presents for your loved ones this Republic Day. Here are a few gift ideas that you can consider offering your friends or family:

Personalized Jewelry: Everyone loves a bit of jewelry that is unique and appealing. Get your friend or family member a personalized piece of jewelry this Republic Day by etching a quote on it for a touch of fancy. It could either be a copper or wooden pendant which you can team up with a gift card with a personal message for the patriot in your family.

Home Decor Items: No matter what occasion it is, gifts are always considered special if that comes with a touch of personalization. If a friend or family member plans to redecorate the house, you can choose a pair of cushions, vases or scented candles to help them revamp their home. Customize them with a unique print or a handmade design to lend a modish appeal.

A Bouquet and Cake: Flowers are known to usher a feeling of glee in hearts. Since occasions call for celebrations, a bouquet of fresh flowers teamed with a flavored cake can always make the best gift for special events. You can also add a small greeting card or a decorative plaque with a favorite quote or message to brighten up the day of your recipient.

A Box of Customized Chocolates: Well, who doesn’t love chocolates? Be it an anniversary, birthday, or an occasion such as Republic Day, make it big for your friends and family by gifting a delightful box of delectable personalised chocolates. Explore our unique range of chocolate gift boxes that come with a beautiful wrapping paper and personalised wishes.

Republic Day Gift Ideas - Chocolate Boxes and more - Cadbury Gifting India

A Wicker Basket of Happiness: Gift hampers are special ways of speaking to one’s heart and occasions make the perfect time to express the same. The basket can be filled with a handpicked collection of dry fruits, chocolates, candy bars, scented candles, and cookies. Deck up the basket with a beautiful ribbon and send it to your friend or relative to cheer up their day.

While many occasions may come and go, but making it remarkable for your recipient is up to how you curate the day with surprises and good memories. And since chocolates are something that connects people universally, we at Cadbury offer nothing but the best. All you need to do is bring out the tinkerer in you and visit us to find an array of exciting gifts for those you love.