Have a blast with these 25th-Anniversary Celebration Ideas

25 years together isn’t a short time at all; there are some very lucky couples who get to spend this milestone of love and laughter together. And if your family or friends are completing 25 years of love and togetherness, it is time to make them feel exceptional by treating them with lovely gifts and surprises. There are so many things you can do to make this day a little more special for them. So if you are planning to host a 25th wedding anniversary party for them but are clueless as to how to do it, you are in the right place. Here we have everything from anniversary decoration ideas to anniversary gifts for couples that you need to work out those Best 25th-Anniversary Celebration Ideas.

Anniversary Decoration Ideas

Since it is in fact the silver jubilee of their union, ideally, a silver themed party should be it. You can keep it simple or over the top according to what the couple prefers. If the couple is a little raunchy and likes to keep things inordinate, then you can go all out, with silver drapes and silver cutlery, etc. If the couple likes to keep things sophisticated, you can go for silver highlights here and there, like silver balloons and a silver lighted number ’25’, etc. Anniversary decoration ideas can be many, but something that emphasises the significance of the 25 iconic years will take it to the next level.

Entertainment For One Of The Best 25th-Anniversary Celebration Ideas

If you are planning a party, it better has entertainment. Again since it is an anniversary celebration idea, it needs to cater to what the celebrated couple might like. You can either go over the top with a band or a DJ with slideshows and dance performances by loved ones, or you can keep it warm and close-knit with entertainment games. The games can be anything that the whole crowd will enjoy, like - who knows the couple best quiz, Tambola or passing the parcel with twists.

Anniversary Cake idea

25th Anniversary Celebration is incomplete without a good cake. You can opt for a traditional full silver frosting tier cake for the party. You can opt for more trendy ones like that ‘hit-me-open’ cakes that are so popular today, the ones that come with a hammer and let you crach the cake, quite literally.

Return Gift - Goodie Basket Ideas

If the extravaganza that you have planned needs that token of appreciation for all the attendees, go with easy goodie basket ideas. Since everyone is deep down Chocolate lovers, you can opt for those all in one chocolate hampers. Now, don’t freak out; there is a way in which they can easily be delivered to your doorstep, Cadbury gifting. The site allows you to choose from a plethora of hampers; you can go for the ‘Warm Wishes Satin Potli” that has a choice between any 5 chocolates of your choice from their Silk range and a Brass Diya. This goodie basket idea will be just the kind of return gift that will make the event memorable not just for the day but for years to come.

Anniversary Decoration Ideas At Home

For those people who opt for a home celebration, especially in these times, it seems more viable; you can go for simple ideas that are easy to follow through. You can go for Anniversary Decorations Ideas Homemade by using home goods such as plastic spoons or paper cups to form decor pieces by assembling them together.

Find The Best Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Every good news in India is celebrated through sweets, but 25 years together need more than a mithai box. It needs to be personal yet beautiful. It needs to be symbolic of the love the couple shares. Anniversary Gifts For Couples is usually those showpieces or home decor items, but the silver jubilee should be a memory one cherishes for a lifetime. So while picking anniversary gifts for couples celebrating their 25th year you should keep these things in mind. If you have rattled your brain enough and just cannot find the ideal best anniversary gifts for couples that are celebrating their 25th, go with Cadbury. Opt for a set of hampers and box sets with everything you need to make the gift unique and sweet. You can go for an ‘Anniversary Gift Box’, which gives you an option of any 3 chocolates of your choice from the Silk range and comes with 1 artificial rose flower. Along with a cute flower, Cadbury gifting also enables you to write a personalised message and attach a photo making it the perfect customisable crash caged hamper.