DIY Rakhi Ideas | How to Make Rakhi at Home

Today Rakhi is no longer just about a Rakhi message for a brother or a Rakhi gift suggestion for a sister. Celebrations hinge around the larger significance of Rakhi as a festival of bonding and strengthening ties of love and friendship – among the immediate family, extended family and friends who have become family. From chocolate gift ideas to how to make Rakhis at home - read on to know how to make Rakhi at home truly special this year.

The True Significance of Rakhi

Before we go on to share ideas on making Rakhi a specially memorable occasion this year, let’s take a little time to understand the deep significance of Rakhi. A popular story about the genesis of Rakhi is the one about Draupadi tearing a corner of her saree to bandage Krishna’s bleeding finger, and he, in turn, evoking a miracle to save her from the humiliation of being disrobed by Duryodhan. The closeness between Krishna and Draupadi, who he considered to be a sister, shaped the story of the epic Mahabharata in several significant ways.

In modern times, Rabindranath Tagore interpreted the festival in a broader context by encouraging Hindus and Muslims in Bengal to exchange Rakhis to symbolise unity and protest against the British partition of Bengal in 1905.

So, how to make Rakhi at home more meaningful? If you have youngsters at home, you may, over a weekend, try some fun craft ideas and show them how to make handmade Rakhi designs at home. You will need paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, strings, glue and glitter if you wish to embellish your Rakhis. Gather the supplies, set up a comfortable corner and let your creativity flow

In that mood of bonding, share interesting Rakhi stories with your kids, who must know that there is deep significance in tying the string around friends and family’s wrists. For instance, by telling the story of the Rani Karnavati sending a Rakhi to Emperor Humayun to seek his help in saving her kingdom for her young son, you may interest junior to relate to our rich repertoire of stories and legends, each so significant and relevant even today. Tell them how the Rakhi meant so much to Humayun that he turned away from the campaign he was fighting to rush to Mewar to save the throne for the Rani’s young son from attacking armies.

Rakhi Celebration Ideas

Today, Rakhi is usually a time when extended families gather under one roof to refresh their bonds and spend quality time over a delicious home-cooked meal. Homemade sweets for Rakhi are a special part of this meal and may range from chocolate puddings to rich moong dal halwa and kheer.

This year, given the health crisis we find ourselves in, celebrations need to be thought-through and may be subdued, but that does not mean they need to be less fun or meaningful. So check out our Rakhi Celebration ideas.

  1. Make this Rakhi a Cadbury celebrations Rakhi. Here’s how you go about doing this. First off, get together as a family and make a list of all your relatives and close friends, including people you may have had disagreements with. (Remember, the importance of Rakhi is to mend and strengthen ties.)
  2. Check out the gifts on CadburyGifting and send personalised gifts to all on the list. If it’s to a family you are gifting, choose a personalised hamper with a selection of rich dry fruit chocolate bars. For instance, if gifting an old favourite teacher, you could opt for a beautifully packed set of 2 Silk Celebrations chocolate. For individuals, you can personalise your chocolate gift with a photo and a message. That’s the best part.
  3. Choose photos from old family albums and write off a message from the heart. And let us deliver your sweet thoughts. When you choose from CadburyGifting, you need not bother about gift wrapping ideas – it’s all taken care of beautifully.
  4. - How to make Rakhis at home? We have an easy idea. In fact, here is going one step ahead. Check this: How to make eco-friendly Rakhis! It’s all very simple, really. Don’t make ‘Rakhis’; make flower bracelets. Yes, this year, we suggest you string together fragrant jasmine (get them at the nearest south Indian temple) and tie them around the wrists of all your close family and friends who may gather in your home on Rakhi. And you have the best Rakhi designs ever!

Special Rakhi Chocolate Gift Box Ideas

No, not just any chocolate gift box will do for this. This is where your DIY gift wrapping ideas come into play. This one is for your siblings and all the guests who will gather together for Rakhi. Order personalised Silk chocolates for all from CadburyGiting at least two weeks in advance.

CadburyGifting allows you to personalise the Silk chocolate bar with a message and a photograph. On Rakhi day, gather the personalised Silk bars which would have been delivered to you and put them in a box and gift-wrap it with beautiful paper and a fresh sprig of flowers or leaves.

Unbox your Rakhi chocolate gift box after the Rakhi ceremonies. Read out your personal messages on the pack as you hand out the sweets. The old photos (make sure you get the oldest, funniest photos you can find) and your fun messages are bound to create much fun and merriment. Some ideas for messages: For Didi, who always ate up her kids’ chocolates or ‘For Ron who never drank his milk (mum never knew!) The idea is to share stories that only the family know. Your chocolate gift idea is a guaranteed hit!

How to Make Rakhi Inclusive

Yes, this one will take some working but make the effort, and you’ll know it’s worth it. Coordinate with all the people in the Rakhi list you plan to send out personalised Cadbury gifts to. Get them to come on to a Zoom call with all your close family and friends who meet on Rakhi day. The critical part here is that you must anchor the call in order to give everyone a chance to speak. That makes it all the more fun. You may invite everyone to read out their comments on their special Cadbury gifts for some good laughs and happy nostalgia for old family times.

Make it a Cadbury celebrations Rakhi!

These are some ways to make Rakhi at home an occasion to remember. Put on your thinking cap, check out our offers and kickstart your Rakhi celebrations by sending out CadburyGifting personalised chocolate gifts!

Enjoy the build-up. Enjoy Rakhi!