How to Celebrate Friendship Day in 12 Different ways

We cross paths with different types of people in our lives. While some of them teach us something new in life while passing by, the remaining ones stick by our side through thick and thin. The people that come in close proximity on a regular basis end up being our friends for life.

This friendship day, celebrate the friends that have been with you for the longest. Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate friendship day this year:

  1. Throw a slumber party
  2. Gather all the girlfriends together under the same roof. Get some pizza, cheesy fries, and drinks to stay the night in. Make all of them wear all their favourite pyjamas and enjoy this friendship day to the fullest with the squad.

    Celebrate Friendship Day-Slumber Party

  3. Go camping
  4. Celebrate Friendship Day-Camping

    Looking for a unique friendship day celebration ideas this year? Celebrate friendship day with the besties outside the house, into the hills. Go camping alongside the river and watch the fireflies glow at night with the whole group.

  5. Book a spa session
  6. Isn’t a good spa session therapeutic? This year, take the girl gang to a relaxing spa treatment over the weekend. Book the appointment in advance and inform them to ensure everyone frees up their time for the actual day. That way, it becomes easier to spend some quality time with the girls.

    Celebrate Friendship Day-Spa Sessions

  7. Send personalised gifts
  8. Celebrate Friendship Day-Personalised Gifts

    Many of us might have friends that live miles away from us. Since we live apart from our friends, celebrate friendship day by sending them personalised gifts at their doorstep. Customise any gift item, right from a chocolate box to a designer watch with a special message for the long-distance BFF.

  9. Take them for brunch
  10. There is something about a fancy brunch that every woman loves. Whether it is the dainty champagne flutes or the sunflower centrepieces, a brunch day works wonders. This year, celebrate friendship day with the girls with an all-day brunch event. It’s a great way to make up for all the times that we’ve been ‘busy.’

    Celebrate Friendship Day-Brunch

  11. Cook for them
  12. Celebrate Friendship Day-Cooking

    Haven’t we all sent our best friends cooking videos of fun cakes at some point? This friendship day, take a look back at all those videos and spend the day in baking cakes and croissants together. Another way to surprise them is by making a three-course meal exclusively for them.

  13. Plan a fun photoshoot
  14. It’s often said that we have very few pictures with the people that we are closest to. Many of us might struggle to find a great picture, along with our best friends. Make up for all the lost time when we didn’t click pictures this friendship day. This year, plan a fun photoshoot to click tons of pictures with the main girls.

    Celebrate Friendship Day-Photoshoot

  15. Design a bracelet
  16. Celebrate Friendship Day-Bracelet

    As kids, we used to tie friendship bands on the wrists of all our best friends. However, take the band game a notch higher this year with a beautiful bracelet. Pick a few gorgeous charms, string it all together, and gift it to each squad member this year.

  17. Organise a treasure hunt
  18. This year, step out of a regular friendship day. Plant cues at all the favourite hangout spots and leave a gift for them to pick up after visiting the place. For instance, organise a treasure hunt search at all the places that have been explored together.

    Celebrate Friendship Day-treaure hunt

  19. Arrange a trip
  20. Celebrate Friendship Day-Trip

    A trip with our best friends always remains on the list. This friendship day set out to sail with the squad to an exotic destination. Gather all the pals and book the trip ahead of the friendship day to receive discount offers and deals. Either go out for a long vacation or plan a weekend getaway to spend some quality time with them.

  21. Indulge in shopping
  22. Retail therapy is every woman’s guilty pleasure. Since many women love shopping, spend this friendship day with the squad in front of the trial rooms. Gift them anything they like while shopping and wait for them to break into a big bear hug.

    Celebrate Friendship Day-Shopping

  23. Get out of the comfort zone
  24. Celebrate Friendship Day-Go Karting

    Many of us might have spent most of our time with our best friends. When we are around them, we develop a comfort level with them. However, move out of the comfort zone this year and challenge each other. Go for fun go-carting, paintball, bungee-jumping, etc. that has never been done before.

    Our lives revolve around our friends. Celebrate this friendship day with them in an unusual way to make it memorable. Go out of the way to make it special with these friendship celebration day ideas.