How to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan Festival This Year?

Raksha Bandhan may seem like a simple occasion which ends with tying a rakhi on your brother’s wrist. But you can make this day about your love and affection for your sibling and spend some quality time with them.

For this, you need some prior planning and resources to get this festival perfect to a tee. So, let’s look at some Raksha Bandhan celebration ideas for this special occasion and how this festival looks like in other parts of the country.

How to Celebrate Rakhi with Your Brother?

Here are some suggestions for preparation of rakhi as to how to turn this festival around and make it extra special:

  1. Start Prepping Already
  2. Last-minute preparations always end up being messy, which is why you need to begin making arrangements now. Go shopping for all the ingredients you require like a thali, diya, rakhi, and sweets amongst others. An early start will help with keeping things hassle-free on the day of the festival.

    Preparation of Rakhi

  3. Personalise Your Gift
  4. Personalisation is the key factor that can win someone’s heart over for things like gifts. If you are planning for a return gift for your brother, then you can opt for a personalised rakhi gift that he will love. If not, then you can try and customise the rakhi thread instead of going for a traditional design. This way, you can make it stand out and also choose a unique patterned rakhi as your sibling will be wearing it after the festival as well.

  5. Decorate Your Thali
  6. You can also design your thali to make it more colourful and fancy with flowers and sequences. Various shops also sell decorative thali if you do not want to make one from scratch.

How Is Raksha Bandhan Celebrated in India?

This festival is celebrated in many parts of India with every region having a unique way of it. Here are some sections of India and their method of celebration:

  1. Western Regions of India (Maharashtra & Goa) – Naarli Purnima
  2. This occasion is a significant one for people living by the coastal region, particularly the fishermen. Naarli Purnima is celebrated by worshipping and thanking the sea for its bounties. As a new season for fishing is underway, many offer coconuts and commemorate the day with sweets.

  3. Eastern Regions of India (West Bengal and Odisha) – Jhulan Purnima
  4. The people residing in the eastern areas of India worship Radha and Lord Krishna. Numerous sisters tie rakhi threads on their brother’s wrist to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

  5. Southern Regions of India (Tamil Nadu and Kerala) – Avani Avittam
  6. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as Avani Avittam in the South parts of India. Mostly men of the family take part in this where the holy thread called ‘Janeu’ is changed with a new one after taking a dip in the water. The occasion is all about the atonement for previous sins committed and vowing to perform good deeds.

  7. Central Regions of India (Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh) – Kajari Purnima
  8. Kajari Purnima is a festival celebrated by farmers who begin sowing wheat, and barley during this time. Women perform the rituals of the festival along with their sons. Some soil is collected from the farm and barley is sowed in it. After seven days are completed, the soil is then taken and submerged in a river or pond after praying for a good harvest.

On this auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, may your family celebrate it to the fullest! Hope your sibling chooses an amazing gift for you. Even you can buy presents for your brother like the Raksha Bandhan Special Box or the Rakhi Potli which contains luscious chocolates along with Lumba Rakhi and Roli Chawal. Such a rakhi gift can be ordered online and sent to your sibling if you cannot visit them, too.


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