How to Celebrate Valentine when you're single

If solo gamy or self-marriage is a possibility in today’s world, Valentine’s Day for a single needs to be celebrated with enthusiasm. Why not make the day special for yourself and celebrate your singleness (along with your single-status friend) to outdo your couple friends? Here are some ideas for having a brilliant Valentine’s Day for singles.

Gift yourself some chocolates with love

Order yourself some of your favourite chocolates from Cadbury Gifting. We have some packs specially curated for Valentine’s Day such as the Hearts and Roses Pack, the Surprise Box, the 7-day Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Bundle Box and the Valentine’s Day Potli. Each can be customised to contain a delectable collection of your favourite Cadbury chocolates. So go ahead and give yourself a treat.

Pamper yourself

Spend the day at your favourite spa and give your body a total relaxing overhaul complete with a skincare routine, facial, pedicures and manicures and massage. You’re bound to feel and look better— ready to face the world anew.

Party with your single friends

Go out for a fun night with all your single buddies and rock the place you’re at with dance, music, good food and your favourite drinks. The idea is to celebrate each other and your single status.

Have a marathon movie session

Think of all the movies you’ve wanted to watch and haven’t had the time to do. Or are they some old favourites that you’re keen to revisit? Make Valentine’s Day a movie day/night in front of the television screen with some popcorn handy.

Take a trip to your favourite destination

Whether it is the mountains you prefer or the beach or the river or the plains, plan to head out to celebrate Valentine’s for singles in your favourite space. Enjoy the quiet time with yourself, introspect and plan for the year ahead. And of course, revive your soul amidst a great environment.

Give yourself a makeover

Why not spend the day giving yourself a new look? Go in for a haircut that you’ve never dared to have. Or colour your hair or get blue or pink streaks in your hair. After that, head for a clothing store and pick some smart outfits for yourself, the type that you don’t usually get into. Imagine your friends’ surprise when they see this new look you!

Take your parents out for dinner. Spend the evening with those that you love the most and take your parents out to an upscale restaurant that serves their favourite cuisine. Spoil them – and yourself – with an enjoyable evening of great food and drinks.

Support your favourite charity. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your singlehood by lending a helping hand to those who have been deprived of the basics of life. You could go and volunteer at the charity for the day or support it by donating materials or money. Not only will you be helping someone deserving but also feel good about yourself.

Think of Valentine’s gift ideas for single friends. Make all your single friends happy by sending them gifts on Valentine’s Day. You could choose a personalised pack of special Valentine’s Day chocolates online at Cadbury Gifting and have it delivered. Or you could consider fashion jewellery, clothes, books, plants, bags, tech accessories, wallets, tea/coffee or cheese hampers – there are so many options available online and offline. Choose something for each friend that you know they would love.

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