How to Make Father’s Day 2022 Special for Your Dad?

Father’s day is an exciting event for most daughters and sons as they get to express their love and gratitude to their dads. Every country commemorates fathers and observes this occasion on different days. In the US, UK and India, Father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Right from caring for us to being by our side and enduring every problem, dads play a massive role in our lives. Thus, you have to do something almost equivalent of that to make him feel special. So, here are some ideas as how to make Father’s Day special this year by showering him with affection.

Special Ideas for Father’s Day 2020:

  1. Take Your Dad Out
  2. Most people have a favourite outdoor activity that they enjoy doing as it refreshes them. It could be fishing, playing or watching a sport or something as simple as going to the beach. So on this particular day, take your dad out and make this about him. Accompany him to an activity that brings him joy and makes his day. Father’s day celebration could also consist of multiple tasks where together you catch a cricket game and later get lunch at one of his favourite restaurants. Then you could take him to watch a classic film or drama featuring his beloved actors if he is up for it. An entire day full of activities that he loves will definitely be treasured by him hereafter! So come up with an itinerary now and start hunting for some bookings.

    Father’s Day outing
    Father’s Day surprise party

  3. Plan a Special Party
  4. Celebrate Father’s day by throwing a special party for him and getting his friends to come. Meeting old buddies and catching up on the latest news will be exhilarating for him. But doesn’t every party mandate a cake? To mark this occasion, bake him a delicious Oreo Cheesecake as these Oreo biscuits are loved by most. You can customise it based on the ingredients your dad loves like sprinkles or chocolate shavings and give him a lovely surprise. But don’t forget to pair it with a personalised box of chocolates as parties are also about gifts. The customised chocolate box of Cadbury dairy milk silk will be the perfect personalised father’s day gift with his name and picture on the box. The creamy and milky treats will be the most cherished gift of all!

  5. Give him a Pleasant Surprise
  6. Now, if you are wondering how to celebrate Father’s Day at home, you can also make it special by staying indoors. As Father’s day comes on a Sunday, your dad will be home, completing certain chores saved up for the weekend. So give him a delightful surprise and run those errands for him. Allow him to sleep in that day and let him spend his Sunday the way he wants. Along with finishing some chores, you could also whip up his favourite breakfast and lunch. A plus could be letting him have the TV remote to catch up on some sports and news. Mark this day for the future as tons of love and affection is going to come your way for making his day!

    Father’s Day Surprise

    Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day and a joyous Sunday, make sure also to make it special for your dads!


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