How To Make Rakhi 2022 Different | Raksha Bandhan Celebration Ideas

Get on to our ‘Siblings Special Plan’ and celebrate the true significance of Raksha Bandhan in a brand-new way!

Everyone loves their siblings and that’s the norm. But, here’s the thing - like a parent loves each child differently, siblings too tend to relate to each other in myriad ways. So growing up, Didi may have been your go-to for all problems. You loved her the most for her patience and wisdom. Junior was your partner in crime, your mate to laugh with; and as an adult, you love him best for still being able to help you de-stress in the worst of times.

Life may have taken you in different directions and you may not even be in the same city. But Rakhi gives you the time to pause and reflect upon those days of childhood.

Rakhi gift suggestions

Make this Rakhi truly nostalgic, and super special.

Step 1: Note down what you remember fondly and love best about your sibling.

Step 2: Do a 3-day ‘Rakhi Countdown’ with a sweet gift from Cadburygifting couriered daily to your sibling for the three days – each gift with a special note from the heart and a photo from your growing up years. (We will deliver the gift and your message with the photo. Please note, you will need to place 3 separate orders and allow us a week’s lead time for each delivery.)

Here is how to make Rakhi memorable with this basic idea:

Rakhi Gift Suggestion for Sister

The countdown begins…

Day 3: Underline the importance of Rakhi with a Heart-shaped Chocolate Gift Box full of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk – creamy sweets just the way she loves them. Personalise it with a Rakhi message…

‘I never missed Mama when she was out of town for work, ’cause I had you. Remember the time she went away to England for a month on that fellowship, and you had a special treat for me every single day? This photo was clicked that July.’

Enclose the picture.

Rakhi - Siblings in different cities

Day 2: Courier her the Raksha Bandhan Special Bar for Sister, a Cadbury gifting pack customised with a bar each of Dairy Milk Silk Hazelnut and Dairy Milk Silk Roast Almond - because she loves snacking on nuts. And the Rakhi message for sister? Could be something like this: ‘Hey sis, this is for the time I went nuts over the heartbreak in college, and you bailed me out of it with my favourite chocolates!’

Day 3: For the Rakhi day, surprise her with the Rakhi Potli filled with a scrumptious assortment of chocolates, including Dairy Milk Silk Oreo, Dairy Milk Silk Fruit & Nut and Dairy Milk Silk Plain. The potli comes with a Rakhi (who says you can’t honour your sister or sister-in-law with a Rakhi?) and auspicious Roli Chawal.

And the message? Maybe you want to tell your sister how she is the bridge that connects you to your parents (you are the impatient sibling) with her good-humoured patience… ‘You are there, and so there is family… Love you always, sis! I know you hate PDA so doing this long distance. And it’s Rakhi, I’m allowed to get a little senti!’

Rakhi Celebration Ideas for Brother

Day 3: Gift him the Pick and Mix Silk Personalised Bar pack in remembrance of the innumerable times you fought over who gets to read the new comic first, the exact division of the bar of chocolate and the countless schemes you hatched together. Your brother has been your best friend, rival and supporter from as far back as you can remember. The gift pack has a bundle of soft, creamy, melt-in-mouth collections of Cadbury’s Silk Chocolates. And the best part? The pack carries his name on the cover. (Use your special name for him.)

Here’s a suggestion for a Rakhi message for brother. Tweak as you like: ‘Hey bro, guess what I discovered in an old box tucked away in the store? The stash of Tintin comics we would fight over during those long winter evenings in Shillong. Miss our fights! Come soon. This Rakhi, sending you some of our old favourites: Cadbury’s chocolates and memories of Tintin. (Tintin comic cover on pack.)

Day 2: The gift for Day 2 of the ‘Rakhi Countdown’ could be the Raksha Bandhan Special Gift Bar for Brother to celebrate his love for all things Oreo – a bar of Dairy Milk Silk Oreo and Dairy Milk Silk Oreo Red Velvet… ‘You’re the best brother ever because you’re always there for me, and because I can be silly & serious with you! Here’s a gift to celebrate all that silly, serious sweetness!’

Day 1 (Rakhi Day): Make it a ‘Cadbury celebrations Rakhi’ day with a gift of the Celebrations Premium Assorted Gift Pack. The best Rakhi message for the special day is one that is inclusive of family.

Check out this message: ‘This one is 'cause I am just so proud of you, brother! You work so hard, take time out for Amma and Appa and manage to be a great dad too! Celebrate Rakhi with the kids - I know you’ll love these chocolates as much as them but don’t grab their share - you’re a dad now, not just my bro!’