Raksha Bandhan 2022: Games to Play on Rakhi Celebration

It’s the year of celebrating at home to hold on to hope and joy amidst the pandemic. The ups and downs have made us appreciate the smallest things better and brought families closer. Gone are the days when festivals and special occasions called for outings and family gatherings. But till the people and the world recover, why not make those celebrations a tad more fun? Let’s plan a theme around how to make Rakhi a joyous event at home.

Make this activity for Raksha Bandhan a sweet memory but with a whole lotta chocolate and love. Maybe some fun too. Why not have a Cadbury Celebrations Rakhi with a twist? The twist is a treasure hunt game or a quiz which can be a full family event with the young and the old. First things first, plan and order enough chocolates from Cadbury Gifting to make this one of the most delicious Rakhi celebration ideas.

Before we lay out the game plan, let’s solve the question of what can be a creative chocolate gift idea for your sibling. The games can be the pre buzz event to the main rakhi tying moment.

Rakhi Celebration Ideas Part 1 - The Main Gift

You need something amazing for the WOW gift you are planning to give your sibling. We have 2 Rakhi gift suggestions you can pick from for your brother and sister to make it memorable.

Rakhi gift suggestion for Sister

Make your sister’s day sweeter and brighter with this gift - Cadbury Premium Gift Bag with Satin Potli (Create Your Own Mix). This bag of goodies has an option to pick five chocolates of your choice, and it comes wrapped in a gorgeous satin potli. So take your pick from the following: Silk Bubbly, Silk Fruit & Nut, Silk Oreo, Silk Oreo Red Velvet, Silk Mousse, Silk Hazelnut, Silk Roast Almond, and Silk Plain Chocolate. Remember to choose your sister’s favourites and not yours as we all know we get carried away when it comes to chocolates. The bag also has a pretty Brass Diya that makes a great decor item for your sister’s room to remember you by.

Rakhi gift suggestion for Brother

Now, for the brother, you can opt for a Cadbury Silk Miniatures - Personalised Pack. The box contains 24 silk miniatures in various flavours like Classic Chocolate, Sea Salt, Butterscotch and Almond. It also comes with an option to personalise the pack with a photo, name and a message. Choose a great photo of his, share the name, a Rakhi message for brother and upload it on the site while ordering. You will not have to hunt down gift wrapping ideas as the chocolate box is well designed.

Here’s how to make Rakhi at home easy and beautiful with a day packed with entertainment.

Rakhi Celebration Ideas Part 2 - The Game Plan

We are all aware of what a treasure hunt is. But planning it can be a bit tough. We are here to simplify it so you can easily plan it. Order a good deal of individual chocolate bars, so everyone gets one and there are a few extras for the game. Depending on your family, you can plan a different game for the kids and the elders or plan something to include both. Let’s begin…

Raksha Bandhan Activity for Kids

Step 1: Note down places at home where you can hide chits with clues in them. Pick 5 - 6 spots at least. You can pick adults to be a part of the game to give the kids clues instead of chits.

Step 2: Prepare a plan by listing the sequence of where the game will start and end. You need to connect each clue to the next and lead it to the final treasure.

Step 3: Write down the chits with the clues in order and hide them or share the hints with the respective people and ask them to stand at the spot so the kids can ask them.

Step 4: Start the game by making teams and give the kids the first clue. Let the fun begin.

You can buy Dairy milk chocolates or even a pick n mix potli as the treasure. Once the winners get the treasure, ask them to share it with the losing team to keep up the spirit and everyone happy. Let them understand that the significance of Raksha Bandhan is love, sharing and protecting one another.

Raksha Bandhan Activity for Elders

As the elders can’t run around, make it a verbal game. Ask each of them a question, and the one who answers the right question gets a point. The one with the maximum score wins. Draw up questions covering the stories of why the festival is celebrated, famous siblings from history or celebrity siblings. It will be an opportunity to let the kids understand the importance of Rakhi festival and its history. The winner gets a sweet prize, a Cadbury Celebrations Rakhi box full of goodies. You can order some pick n mix chocolates or plenty of similar chocolates.

Wasn’t that some great Raksha Bandhan activity for the whole family?

You can plan the games in the morning or evening. Once it’s done and everyone settles down, you can bring out the Rakhi thali and tie the sacred thread in front of everyone. Gift your sibling the amazing chocolate box/bag you prepared and wait for the praises for planning a splendid Rakhsha Bandhan for the whole family. You can relish the chocolates and other festive delicacies while the entire family shares stories of sibling drama and adventures.

Though we can’t catch up with the entire family and have a Hungama, we can meet the ones who are close by or plan ahead for a small gathering at home to make the festival more special. It’s not just the essence of Raksha Bandhan but the moments shared with the people you love that make all celebrations a picture-perfect memory.