How to Make Rakhi Gifts Drool-worthy

What makes for a drool-worthy gift? First off, it has to be unique, out-of-the-box. Then, cross out ‘necessity’. A singular, drool-worthy gift has to be something that one yearns for but hesitates to indulge in. Not something one needs. These are the two most important points to note if you are wondering how to make Rakhi gifts truly special this year.

Start with putting together a carefully curated list of people you want to gift. Remember that the true significance of Raksha Bandhan goes way beyond the traditional sentiment of sibling bonding. The importance of Rakhi lies in that it is truly a celebration of our unique culture, a celebration of kindness and compassion. It is a time to reach out with love and respect to the people who are always there for us, no matter what.

How to make Rakhi gifts make hearts leap with joy

The first thing to do is carefully think through what your intended giftee is truly excited about – not what he or she usually does on holidays or off days. For instance, your sister may enjoy pottering around the house, arranging flowers, changing the furniture layout on her off days. But do these activities really excite her? Does she love doing things around the house?

In fact, what truly excites her may be entirely removed from home decor. It could be anything big or small… The thrill of opening a box of brand new books; a luxury massage; a new gadget; a large box of chocolates only for her; exotic fresh flowers to fill all the vases in the house; a long call from her out-of-town son… You get the drift. The perfect drool-worthy Rakhi gift is not always expensive. It just has to speak to the person, bring her joy.

Here’s the next thing: don’t just gift the one thing. Many things bring people joy. Make up your gift of 2-3 elements, and remember, all the gifts need not come together. Let your gifts arrive one by one as a surprise run-up to Rakhi.

Chocolate Gift Pack Ideas

Sweets for Rakhi are a must, and chocolates make the best sweets for Rakhi – who doesn’t love chocolate, after all. Choose the gift of chocolate carefully, make it special. Check CadburyGifting to personalise your gift with a photo and a message. Make sure you order a chocolate gift for him or her exclusively and one for the rest of the members in the house.

So, you may opt for a personalised pack of Silk miniatures for the giftee and a large satin potli of 5 Silk chocolates for the rest of the family – you can personalise that too with a message: “For the Best Family. Thank you for being there always!”

Here are some chocolate gift ideas matched to giftees to make it a ‘Cadbury Celebrations Rakhi’!

  1. A personalised bar of Silk: For friends, cousins and office colleagues
  2. The Brother’s Rakhi Gift Box: Makes good gifts for teenage brothers as well as older brothers, out-of-town cousins, and friends who are more like brothers
  3. The Sister’s Rakhi Gift Box: Makes good gifts for teenage sisters as well as older sisters, out-of-town cousin sisters, and friends who are more like sisters
  4. The box of Silk miniatures: For a special friend and the senior colleague
  5. The satin potli gift bag with Silk bars: Family friends and relatives; the potli also makes for the best sweets for kids on Rakhi.

Underline the significance of Rakhi with a letter

Here’s another singular idea on how to make Rakhi at home a one-of-a-kind celebration this year. Write a letter. Yes, an old-fashioned letter and send it by snail mail – even if you live in the same house as the special person you wish to gift. What is there to write to someone you see every day, you ask? Everything that you don’t say every day or, perhaps, any day.

How many of us ever tell our mother that we love her for always taking our calls – no matter how busy she may be? Or an elder brother for providing the shoulder to cry on every one of the six times you had a heartbreak in college? Go on, pen that special Rakhi message for brother, sister, parent, relative or special friend. If you are posting Rakhis to friends and family out of town, don’t just add the roli and moli; write that letter and put that in too.

For all the poets out there, you may want to enclose a Raksha Bandhan poem that you compose. And to make it truly personalised for anyone who loves Hindi literature, you may write a Rakhi poem in Hindi. This one will make the receiver’s Rakhi truly one to cherish.

How to make Rakhi the most significant ever this year

Finally, here is the most important Raksha Bandhan activity – especially today when the world is still grappling with the unprecedented health crisis.

Sweeten your Rakhi bundle of gifts with the best, most invaluable gift in the world: Your time. Whoever is in your ‘Rakhi list of giftees’ – be it a long-ago favourite professor, your father or your sister, all would love to share, listen and spend quality time with you. In the urban rush of our days, this doesn’t often happen naturally.

So plan for it. Take your sister out to her favourite place for a drink – just the two of you. It may seem cheesy, but chances are you’ll be surprised how much you enjoyed catching up and connecting. Or just be around your father for an evening, share a cup of tea maybe, don’t rush around, let the conversation flow organically.

Enjoy this special season of connections!.