How to Make The Most of Corporate Diwali Gifting- Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Clients

Today, the festival of lights- Diwali is more than lighting diyas and lamps. It is about reviving your age-old bonds and building a strong network. So why not make the most of the auspicious festival to retrieve the bond with your workforce, be it your co-workers or clients? It’s no rocket science. It’s quite simple actually. Shower them with lots of corporate Diwali gifts this festive season.

This year, remind everyone at work about your good intentions associated with the business with these top 10 best Diwali gift ideas:

  1. Coffee/ Tea blends
  2. It is no secret that many of your employees love their coffee breaks. If that’s the case, a gourmet blend of their favourite beverage will work its magic on them. Curate a box of roasted beans and source a few tea blends from the best tea house in your town. Trust us, a coffee/tea blend is a thoughtful Diwali gift for anyone who can’t begin day without their favourite early morning fuel.

    Diwali gift ideas for corporates- Coffee Blend

  3. Smart music flowerpot
  4. Starting a day with a breath of fresh air and a dash of a soothing tune is perfect. So, this festive occasion let your clients and colleagues begin their day in a good mood by gifting them a smart music flowerpot. It is one of the best Diwali gifts for clients and co-workers to ensure that they can unwind some of their time off work. The Bluetooth connectivity on the pot ensures that they can play music as and when required.

  5. Cadbury personalised Diwali gifts
  6. Diwali gift ideas for corporates- Personalised Chocolates

    It is the perfect way to appreciate your hard-working friends at work on the auspicious day of Diwali. It consists of everyone’s favourite Dairy Milk chocolates that have the power to brighten up any day, especially a festive one! With Cadbury personalised Diwali gifts, you can instantly elevate your work buddy’s mood for no apparent reason even on a festive day.

  7. Leather accessories
  8. This year, send your employees with a sophisticated pair of leather accessories, such as luggage/ bag tags, car keychain, and a business card case. Add a personal touch to the leather accessories by embossing their initials. These are perfect corporate Diwali gifts for every individual working with you.

    Diwali gift ideas for corporates- Leather Accessories

  9. Car seat pocket organiser
  10. Many of your co-workers or clients might own a car. So, a car seat pocket organiser is one of the excellent Diwali gift ideas for corporates that are always on the wheel. With a car seat organiser, they can stack all the things loitering around in the car safely without the fear of misplacing. It is quite reliable and secure since it comes with multiple pockets and compartments to store everything in a single place.

  11. Online courses
  12. Diwali gift ideas for corporates- Online Courses

    Is there anything more pure and delightful than giving a gift of learning? Perhaps, not! Online courses make one of the best Diwali gift ideas for all the intellectual professionals. You don’t have to flood them with a lot of knowledge and information. Keep it simple and fun. Gift them an online course to ensure they spent hours honing their favourite hobbies, such as cooking, painting, sketching, etc.

  13. Toiletry bag
  14. Do you have a client or a boss who travels quite often? Well, if that’s the case, a toiletry bag makes the best Diwali gift for the ones who are always catching flights. Give them a toiletry bag that they can use immediately whenever they are on a plane. Choose the right canvas, select leather or other waterproof options for the bag. Go ahead and pack a few customised travel items for them to open the bag with a smile on their face.

    Diwali gift ideas for corporates- Toiletry Bag

  15. Healthy snack box
  16. This binge-worthy season, let the people at your workspace embrace a healthy life. A healthy snack box is a perfect Diwali gift to get the festive season started with a bang. So, choose a box loaded with healthy treats, such as vegan cookies, sunflower seeds, protein bars, and so on to keep them physically fit and active this festive season.

  17. Movie gift cards
  18. Who doesn’t love going to the movies? We know you all do! So, take your employees, clients, or bosses by surprise this festive season and give them a movie gift card. It is one of the unique Diwali gifts ideas to let them enjoy their latest action movies, highly-anticipated animated films, and so forth.

  19. Magnet toys
  20. Diwali gift ideas for corporates- Magnet Toys

    Your co-workers will love magnet toys more than you expect them to. These toys are immensely satisfying to play with on days when they are overwhelmed with work. So, pick magnet toys that come with metal building base, carrying case, plastic splitter card, and a 16-page starter guide.

    It is no longer about a good gesture but about the custom of exchanging corporate gifts with your clients, bosses, and employees on a Diwali celebration. The above-mentioned goodies will nurture your professional relationship with everyone at work. Moreover, these gifts are sure to turn everyone’s Diwali into a happy and prosperous one!

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