How to Surprise Your Long-distance Boyfriend

We live in a digital global village. While even 50 years ago, long-distance relationships survived on love letters delivered faithfully and excruciatingly slowly by post, today the couple can be in constant touch over WhatsApp, social media, phone calls, video calls, and a thousand other ways. However, making a long-distance relationship work takes time, ingenuity, and creativity, not to mention an element of surprise! In this scenario, surprising your long-distance boyfriend is not as easy as it would seem. To help you further cement your relationship, here are some long-distance relationship gift ideas that you could explore:

Cadbury’s Personalised Love Gift Box


Send him a fabulous online gift of his favourite chocolates from Cadbury Gifting just to say that you love him. Choose six of the most sumptuous ""Dairy Milk and Silk chocolates"" to fill the beautifully designed box with the words ‘I love you’ printed on it. What’s more, you can personalise all this chocolaty goodness by including a photo of him and a loving message that will melt his heart.


Gift him an album full of memories

Put together some of the most memorable photos of him and you and caption them with funny/loving messages. Print out the photos and create an album datelining the day you met to the present. Not only will this remind him (and you!) of all the fun times you’ve spent together but also look forward to the beautiful memories that you are yet to create. Have the album delivered to him on a weekend so that you both have the time to savour your memorable moments.

Set up a digital date

So what if you’re in different cities – you can still enjoy an extremely romantic date night. After ascertaining that he will be home on the evening you’ve chosen, get a friend in his city to order his favourite meal on a food delivery app as well as his favourite drink. Order the same for yourself. But ensure that the delivery is made at exactly the same time in both places. Enjoy your surprise video date with the person you love by toasting your relationship and enjoying the same meal together though you’re apart.

Gift yourselves a holiday

Travelling together is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship by exploring new places to make new memories. We’re sure there are so many places that you’ve discussed travelling to – from locations within the country to those outside to what you enjoy the most such as beaches, biking, hiking, driving and nature parks, to name a few. Pick along weekend and book a holiday for both of you in an exciting new place. Imagine his surprise when he gets a message about the holiday online!

Pay him a surprise visit

On a scale of one to 10, what is the best surprise you can give him? Yourself! Why not arrive unannounced at his doorstep with plans for an ultra-romantic weekend? Spend some quality time together, meet up with friends, see a movie, or go out for dinner, among the many other activities and things you can plan to do together. We’re sure that this would be the perfect surprise for him.

Cadburys Personalised Surprise Box


Talking of surprises, here’s another one you can gift him from Cadburys Gifting. The beautifully designed ""Surprise Gift Box"" contains any 12 Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates of your choice with one teddy key ring. Full of some of the creamiest and smoothest chocolates that he’s bound to love, the box is an expression of how much you care for him. You can express your love by personalising the box with his photo and a tender message to let him know that you’re thinking of him.


So here’s to a long and happy relationship full of surprises, adventures and love.

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