Ideas for long-distance ‘hugs’ on Hug day 2022!

Hug Day, celebrated on 12 February, is the sixth out of all days of Valentine’s week. On this day, we celebrate our love for those we are closest to by embracing them – that’s what the day is for! A hug is a universal gesture of support, comfort and intimacy in all kinds of relationships, from romantic love to friendships.

Importance of Hug Day

There is nothing quite like a hug to express your warmth for your loved ones. Hugs are scientifically proven to release oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone”, which is associated with happiness and stress reduction.

Hugging the ones we love can make us feel safe and supported and help us express “I love you” without saying a single word. Hug Day is the perfect occasion to deepen our bond with those we love.

Unfortunately, some of us are unable to be there for our loved ones for a real-time hug on Hug Day 2022. On the brighter side, there are several other ways one can express one’s sentiments from afar.

Gifts That Wish “Happy Hug Day” from afar

These wonderful gift ideas embody the feeling of a comforting, warm hug on Hug Day.

Make a “box of memories”

An amazing way to tug at the heartstrings of the ones we love who are miles away from us is to create a box of memories that you can mail to them. Pick an aesthetically pleasing box or decorate one yourself. Fill it with photographs from memorable days, letters full of anecdotes of moments you shared, and objects that hold some significance for your relationship. Near or far, this is a sure-fire way to make them feel your love. This is the perfect way to celebrate and immortalise your most cherished memories on Hug Day.

Send Them Chocolates

Chocolates, especially the darker kind, trigger the release of serotonin or the happiness hormone and thus immediately put you in a positive mood. Opt for irresistible Silk Selections from Cadbury Gifting, full of decadent, velvety smooth milk chocolates of 8 different varieties that melt on your tongue like no other. To add a personal touch, go for the Personalised Silk Bar or Personalised Gift Box and add a sweet message such as, “Here is my long-distance hug to you on Hug Day. Miss you loads.” For dark chocolate lovers, choose our Dark Range or Dark Noir Selections which contain the most enticing assortment of dark chocolates.

Create a Jar of Notes

Fill a mason jar with rolled-up notes with sweet messages, which can be opened daily or weekly. The messages could be reminders of self-care, reasons why you love them, or positive thoughts they can start their day with. This is an inexpensive gift that is thoughtful and long-lasting. The affection it conveys makes it a precious gift to wish Happy Hug Day.

Send them a stuffed toy

Just because you’re grown-up doesn’t mean you’ve outgrown stuffed toys! When you lack physical affection, a plushie can be the next best thing to human touch. So don’t hesitate in sending your loved ones a cute plushie, preferably of their favourite animal, which they can hug whenever they miss you. Warm and cuddly, they will be cherished deeply on Hug Day.

Get a potted plant delivered

In present times, most of us live in concrete jungles and have lost touch with nature. Gifting someone a plant helps them rekindle their connection with nature and gives them an opportunity to nurture something. Make sure the plant is long-lasting and low maintenance, especially if your loved one is a new plant parent. Plants like aloe vera, monstera or money plants are all great options to gift someone who is new to gardening. What’s more? They are guaranteed to light up any space and may also act as air purifiers. Add a Personalised Gift Box of chocolates from Cadbury Gifting bearing a sweet from-the-heart message with a photograph of the giftee.

Make them personalised candles

Get your hands on a candle making kit and make your loved ones gorgeous candles with their favourite fragrance. You can wrap them with labels with a favourite quote, saying, or message. Every time they light it, they will be reminded of you and the wonderful friendship you share.

These fun gift ideas are the perfect substitute for hugs to wish Happy Hug Day to our long-distance friends and romantic partners.