Diwali gift hampers

Diwali is one such exuberant festival that not just lights up the day but also the mood. It’s a celebration filled with sparkles of lights, music, delectable foods and sweets, oh yes, endless mouth-watering sweets! The most awaited part of Diwali is the fun of huddling together with your family and friends, decking up, indulging in luscious food, and decorating the house.

Swapping gifts with your loved ones during this festival is an age-old tradition that gets everyone ardent to plan some amazing Diwali gift hampers. That one moment of joy where you watch your dear one unwrap the gift you gave with delight is priceless. For that to happen, it takes a lot of planning. To make that part a little simpler and bring in a wow factor to the gifts, we have listed a great deal of ideas for you.

Diwali gifts for parents

Celebrating with the ones who have taught you the value of festivals and all their nitty-gritty is surely nostalgic and all the more special. It makes you reminisce about those years of waking up to new clothes, chants of the pooja, buzz of your relatives getting things prepped, the whiff of mom’s home-cooked meal and the house illuminated with beautiful lights and fragrant flowers. No matter where you live, celebrating with family transcends everything and bringing in some Diwali chocolate while you visit them will cheer them up for sure.

So, when you go home this year or even if you have been living with them, make this festival all the sweeter with some Diwali chocolate boxes. There is no rule against gifting your parents, just like how they have been gifting you since you were a kid. So make it memorable and plan some stunning Diwali gifts for parents.

Let’s plan some Diwali hamper ideas for your mom and dad. Firstly, order the delicious Cadbury Warm Wishes Rich Dry Fruit Collection they will relish. It contains assorted panned confectionery in 3 flavours - Cadbury Almond Magic, Cadbury Nut Butterscotch and Cadbury Raisin Magic. Why, you ask? To tell the truth, any parent has a soft spot for dry fruits and chocolates, and they’ll love this combination for sure. To pair with this sweet treat, you can purchase a beautiful silk saree for your mom and a classic watch for your dad from his favourite brand. You never know; they might just adorn those gifts during the gaieties and show them off to the entire family.

Best Diwali gifts for family

There’s no joy during the festivals if it’s not a full house event. Having your cousins, aunts and uncles and different generations getting together, rejoicing, sharing stories and exchanging gifts makes everything a lot more fun. So, when you have 2-3 families celebrating in one place, how would you plan the best Diwali gifts for family? You can opt for a Diwali sweet gift box if it’s for one family and go for Diwali chocolate boxes if there are more, or you can even do a mix ‘n’ match with some additional goodies in it. You can plan chocolate gift hampers for Diwali. A little bit of sweets or a bit of chocolate, something savoury and an impressive decor item for their home. Pick up some traditional festive sweets for the elders and a box of Cadbury Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack that contains bars of Dairy Milk, 5 star and gems. That should please the different generations in the family.

Diwali gift ideas for boyfriend/girlfriend

Celebrating Diwali with your beloved one? Make it memorable. Here are some ideas on what you can do to decorate your place and gift that special one. ‘Lots of lights’ is your answer when it comes to decor. It may be cliche, but trust us, nothing brings a glow on someone’s face as a house lit with beautiful lanterns, string lights, scented candles and diyas. Yes, go all in and deck it up in lights. Play some beautiful instrumental music while you have a festive dinner and watch the sky light up with fireworks.

Invite your friends and family if they stay in the same city and plan some fun games to entertain them. Cook or order the food depending on the number of guests. That’s one more gift you can give your loved one. How? Everyone likes a planner. As for the main gift for him/her, you can select from Cadbury Diwali chocolate boxes. Order the Dark and Divine Gift Box. It contains bars of Dark Milk, Bournville Rich Cocoa and Bournville Cranberry Chocolate. You can pair it with a bottle of their favourite perfume and other beauty products to pamper them. Check online for some Diwali hamper packaging ideas to create a sumptuous gift hamper. How’s that for some stunning Diwali gift ideas for boyfriend or girlfriend?

Diwali gift hamper ideas for a party return gift

Diwali has its own charm when it comes to celebrating it. Some like to keep it just within the family, while some go all out and design a themed Diwali party for their family and friends. From entertainment to food and gifts, people prepare well in advance to plan the most spectacular Diwali bash. To aid you in giving shape to this event, we have some Diwali gift hamper ideas for return gifts.

Tasty confectionery paired with some beautiful tabletop lanterns or scented candles and a box of spiced dry fruits in a potli or a wrapped box can be the perfect return gift. For adults, plan the hamper with a Cadbury Silk Selection box which has bars of Dairy Milk, Silk Fruit & Nut and Silk Roast Almond. For the kids, you can opt for a Warm Wishes Kids Potli, which contains Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut, Chocobakes, Gems Surprise, Silk Oreo, Dairy Milk Lickables and Dairy Milk. That will create a cheer of surprise amongst your guests when they receive the Diwali hampers.

Ain’t no celebration without some sweet in it. And Diwali asks for more than just a traditional touch. Go for Cadbury chocolates to bring in a twist to your dessert menu and gifting for the festivities. Don’t forget to plan and order them beforehand. Happy Diwali!