Interesting Gift Wrapping Ideas, Guaranteed to Delight!

Gift-wrapping is a refined art that shows that you truly care and that your gift is not just a mere formality to mark the occasion. Your gift may be store-bought, but the fact that you took the trouble of wrapping it personally by adding your thoughtful aesthetic touches makes all the difference. Add a personal note, and you truly ace the art of gifting. Check out some interesting gift and gift-wrapping ideas that we talk about here to make a statement and touch hearts – whatever be the occasion.

DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas: What you Need as Basics

  1. Handmade paper. Order a stack – plain pastels and some soothing prints.
  2. Cardboard boxes in different sizes, again to stock what you don’t use up immediately.
  3. A pair of sharp scissors.
  4. Transparent sticking tape and adhesive.
  5. Embellishments – ribbons, beads, flowers, twigs and anything that your design calls for.

For a House-warming: Chocolate Gift Wrapping Ideas

Personalised chocolates from Cadbury Celebrations Gifting do very well as housewarming gifts. But here is something to make the personalised chocolate gift box idea even more special. Order Silk chocolate bars for each member of the family with photos, names and messages for each member on the individual packs. Here’s what you need to do for a chocolate gift wrapping idea with a difference: Fill the bottom of a cardboard box with confetti and nestle the Silk chocolates in them.

Wrap the box neatly in handmade paper (check how best to wrap a gift in a step-by-step video) and tape it in place. On the top of your chocolate gift box, stick a photo of your family and one of theirs (skip this if you don’t have one), draw arrows joining the two and write in big bright letters: ‘From our home to yours… much warmth and love always!’

Your out-of-the-box chocolate gift idea is sure to be deeply appreciated.

Unique Gift wrapping Idea For a Wedding Gift

For a wedding gift, especially if you know both the bride and the groom, you may want to gift them something they can experience together – maybe a couple spa experience or a meal at their favourite luxury restaurant.

Pack the gift vouchers with a box of their favourite chocolates (Silk miniatures, maybe) ordered from Cadburys Celebrations Gifting. Personalise the chocolate gift box with a photo of the two and a fun message: ‘Laugh lots through life, Guys!’

For this gift, don’t wrap the box but paint on the lid – creating a frame around the edges. Write ‘Happily Married’ in the centre in old fashioned cursive, and decorate your artwork with chubby Cupids. You can paint this on paper and stick it onto the lid and give it a coat of varnish to make the box a keepsake.

If you want to try your hand at embroidery, go ahead and embroider the text and make pretty French-knot roses around it on thick cloth, and stick the embroidered artwork on the lid neatly. Your gift will look so pretty – they may not have to be reminded to open it!

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Birthdays

This is a DIY gift wrapping idea where the wrapping itself becomes a gift! We will tell you how. But first, here’s an idea for the birthday gift – this idea works with a friend who is particularly inclined to homemade and handmade gifts. Make 10 things the person would love and wrap them up individually.

From homemade cookies to embroidered serviettes and junk jewellery – enjoy creating! Make sure one of the gifts is a personalised chocolate gift from Cadbury Celebrations Gifting, which may not be handmade but which will carry a photo of the two of you together and a note from you within it.

On each of the gift wrappers write a reason you love having him or her in your life. Put all the wrapped and labelled gifts into a big box and wrap up the box with a note on top – ‘10 Reasons I rate you 10/10! Happy Birthday to My Forever Friend.’ You will find it hard to put a better gift wrapping idea for birthdays!

Get original in your choice of gifts and gift-wrapping, and remember the best gift wrapping ideas are those which you give shape to with your hands – and not just instruct the store chap on how to tie the ribbon!