Tackle the Dilemma

Of course, it’s not a good idea to leave gift-choosing till the last minute – it implies that you just didn’t care enough to put together a thoughtful gift. And after all, it is the thought that counts, not how much money you spend. However, sometimes the best intentions are derailed with our busy schedules, and we may find ourselves scrambling to come up with those last minute gift ideas – unlikely to be the best!

We at CadburyGifting, understand this well and have come up with interesting ideas to help you tackle this dilemma. The ideas below do involve a little advanced thinking but ensure that your ‘last minute gift ideas’ are not perceived to be what they are: last-minute!

Chocolate Gift Pack Ideas – To The Rescue!

First off, on a weekend, take a little time out and sit down to do the prep:

Step 1 - Make a list of the people you value in your life. Friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you can think of.

Step 2 - Mark the occasions that may be coming up for each of these people in the next few months.

Step 4 - Order the gifts to be delivered to you, ensuring you send along the names and photos to be embossed on the gifts, along with your individual messages for the giftees. If you don’t have a ready photo of the giftee, put an emoji or a photo of a place that holds shared memories. Make the connect through the message.

(Of course, the best chocolate gift idea would be to have the personalised chocolates delivered directly to the giftee, and just before or on the special day.)

Once your chocolate gift box orders come in, put them in airtight containers and stock them in the refrigerator. Even if you forget to plan anything else, at least you will have something meaningful to greet your favourite people with on their special days.

Last Minute Gift Ideas That Work (With Chocolate Back-up)

And if you do have a little time, here are some really last minute gift ideas to add to your gifts of chocolates.

  1. Fresh flowers in a vase; tell the florist to arrange the flowers in a vase - most florists stock glass vases - not bunch them up as a bouquet so that your giftee can put them out to brighten his or her space – right away.
  2. If your mother dotes on exotic flowers, this last minute gift idea could well work as an anniversary gift idea for your parents – provided the flowers are truly extravagant! Add to this your personalised potli of Silk chocolates, and you’re fine to drop in however late - to wish them on their special day!)

  3. A snacking hamper with a mix of snacks or gourmet eats you know your giftee will enjoy. You can rustle this up at any store en route to the celebrations. This also works as a birthday gift for a teenage brother or young person who is a foodie.
  4. This one could be a good birthday gift for teenage girls – a cousin, friend or friend’s daughter, perhaps. Rummage around your stock of jewellery – is there anything that she may have particularly liked? Gift it to her, if you know she would love to have it. This is where your creative gift-wrapping ideas come into play. Of course, if you have ordered a Satin Potli of chocolates for the person, it’s easy – just wrap the jewellery in coloured paper and slip it into the potli.
  5. If you stock wine, pick a bottle you know he or she will enjoy. The personalised chocolate gift box, once again, lifts the gift of wine (rather mundane) from being labelled a ‘last minute gift idea’.

    (Remember, even if it is a planned unique birthday gift for a husband or wife, the addition of a favourite pack of personalised Silk chocolates will only sweeten the gift. So, if you’re buying that piece of jewellery for the wife, get the personalised chocolates anyway, with her photo and your romantic message, within. She may like it better than your gift of diamonds!)

    The Can’t-go-wrong Gift Ideas for Chocolate Lovers

    Here is another last minute gift idea that is even simpler. You will need to follow Step 1 from the previous idea and list out the names of all your favourite people in your city as well as those out of town.

    Once that’s done, simply order in personalised packs of Cadbury’s Silk bars from Cadbury Celebrations Greetings – each with a photo of the person you intend to gift it to, with his or her name and a thoughtful message. Remember, the message should resonate well with the giftee. Glib, clichéd ‘gifting notes’ kills the best of gifts. Refer to a shared memory of a good time together, offer gratitude for a heartfelt gesture… Keep it personal. You may keep the actual wish on the chocolate gift box generic if you like, to fit any occasion – or even no-occasion, should you wish to carry along a small gift when visiting next.

    Whatever the occasion or no occasion, personalised ideas around chocolate gift boxes are sure to be appreciated. For important occasions, you can add more gifts to the chocolate.

    Whatever you do, remember the basic thought to keep in mind when gifting: your aim is to delight the receiver, not make a statement to others (or yourself) by doing so!