Lohri Gift Ideas 2020

The essence of any festival lies in harvesting the fun and making hearts happy with tons of exciting gifts for your near and dear ones. Similarly, the festival of Lohri ushers a feeling of joy and fills hearts with an abundance of enthusiasm, energy and bliss.

Since we, at Cadbury, believe in making hearts merry, we bring to you a plethora of gift ideas to spruce up your Lohri celebrations. The origins of this festival dates back to those days when a good harvest meant prosperity and merriment for all. Farmers exult in joy during this festival by thanking Nature and this spark of joy not only resonates from the northern states of Punjab and Haryana, but also from every other part of the country.

This day is marked by traditional dances and folk songs performed by young men, women and married couples displaying their immense love towards Nature. In the recent times, festival celebrations are complemented with gifts for a touch of personalisation. And to help you take part in the festivities and charm of the energetic Lohri celebration, we present to you some amazing Lohri gift ideas that will dazzle your friends, guests and family alike.

Lohri Traditional Gifts

Everyone loves sweets. One of the traditional and the most famous Lohri gifts are gur peanut chikkis. The fresh jaggery is neatly mixed with peanuts, resulting in a crunchy and tasty sweet snack item. Another popular Lohri sweet item is gur til chikki. Here the sesame seeds and jaggery are mixed well to create delectable sweets. These items are usually well presented in a plate and sent to relatives and friends to show the warmth of your love.

Lohri Modern-Day Personalised Gifts

However, in the contemporary times, newer personalised gifts have taken the lead during special events and festivals. And we, at Cadbury, are here to give your gifts a touch of customization that’ll bring a dash of smile on the face of your recipient. You can opt for a silk chocolate gift pack as a wonderful Lohri gift. Also team it with a themed gift card penned with a sweet message for a friend or family to make your gift stand out from the plethora of gifts.

Celebrate Lohri with Gift Ideas and Gift Packs from Cadbury Gifting India
Lohri Online Gifts

Nowadays, online delivery of gifts have made lives easier for millions of people across the world. Especially, during a festive season like Lohri, where you can pre-order Lohri gift packs for family and friends and get them delivered whenever and wherever you want. This allows you to stay away from the stress of walking up to every relative’s place, while also being part of the festivities happening in your own place.

To make gifting more exciting and easy, a plethora of personalised chocolate gifts are created for you at Cadbury. This way you can be assured that your present will make a lasting impression on your receiver, long after the sweets are devoured.

No matter where you are living, a good mix of both traditional and modern Lohri gift hampers, presented by Cadbury will surely help you express your love and emotions and bring hearts closer. After all finding the right gifts always isn’t easy! So, let your loved ones know that they are remembered and cherished by handing them unique, personalised gifts instead of only going with the traditional sweets. This way you can bridge hearts with loads of cute, meaningful and one-of-a-kind gifts.