What is Lumba Rakhi and its significance?

Raksha Bandhan is an essential Indian festival that has undergone significant changes in its celebration over the years. Right from its rituals to rakhis, the festival has adapted pertaining to the modernised culture. Recently, Lumba Rakhi has garnered a lot of attention and popularity based on the changing trends.

Unlike regular rakhis, a Lumba Rakhi is quite different. The tradition of tying a Lumba rakhi was started by women. Let’s understand the meaning and significance of a Lumba rakhi in detail:

Originated in Rajasthan, a Lumba stands for a ‘bangle.’ On Raksha Bandha, it is a customary tradition amongst the Marwari families, wherein they tie a Lumba rakhi on a sister-in-law’s bangle. Apart from Marwaris, the trend of tying Lumba rakhis is followed by many North Indians as well.

The primary reason to tie a Lumba rakhi is unlike that of a rakhi tied on a brother’s wrist. A Lumba Rakhi is tied on a sister-in-law’s hand to receive protection for the whole family as well as secure her marriage. Besides, it forms the bond between a sister and a sister-in-law, which is sealed with a dangling Lumba rakhi on a bhabhi’s wrist.

Since women wear Lumba rakhis, it is colourful in nature. Besides, it comes in different sizes and attractive designs. Usually, it is made of danglers, mirror work, and sequins. Due to its enticing designs, a Lumba rakhi effortlessly brings out the delightful personality of every woman on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

Popularly known as the bhai and bhabhi rakhi, it strengthens the marital relationship of our brothers and sisters-in-law. In addition to this, the trend of tying this bhaiya and bhabhi rakhi protects other crucial aspects of life. Here’s a detailed significance of a Lumba Rakhi for our better understanding:

  1. Family unity
  2. In India, family values are given a lot of importance. Due to the strong family values imbibed in us, we tie Lumba rakhis on a sister-in-law’s wrist for their well-being. With our sister-in-law’s presence in the household, we seek protection for our whole family with a Lumba Rakhi. It spreads happiness as well as binds the whole family together with a single thread on our sister-in-law’s wrist.

    Lumba Rakhi-Family Unity

  3. Marriage security
  4. Although marriage is between two people, a Lumba Rakhi helps to strengthen their bond. When we tie the bhai and bhabhi rakhi on our sister-in-law’s wrist, we wish for her secured married life. Lumba rakhis are considered as a symbol for secured and long-term marriages.

    Apart from tying a rakhi, exchanging gifts is also an integral part of Raksha Bandhan. While looking for a gift for married sister on Raksha Bandhan or sisters-in-law, shopping for the woman can be a daunting task. While we might choose something regular for a normal occasion, put extra efforts for rakhi gifts every year.

Here are is a list of ideas either for a rakhi gift for an elder married sister or bhabhi:

  1. Personalised gifts
  2. Personalised Rakhi gifts

    Go that extra mile this season for her with personalized rakhi gifts to bring a smile on her gorgeous face. Right from chocolates to watches, personalised these regular gifts with a quirky message and add an adorable picture.

  3. Handcrafted gifts
  4. Handcrafted gifts are meant to stand out. The authenticity of the handcrafted gift gives it a vibrant look. It easily becomes a treasured heirloom that sticks with her for an entire lifetime.

    Lumba Rakhi-Handcrafted gifts

  5. Combos and hampers
  6. Combos and hampers remain evergreen throughout the festive season. This Raksha Bandhan, indulge in her favourite goodies and curate a box exclusively for her. Wait for her reaction as soon as she opens the gift on the day of rakhi.

    Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with the most important woman, whether it is an older married sister or a bhabhi. Shower them with love and token of appreciation, whether it is a gift for married sister on Raksha Bandhan or for the beloved bhabhi. Make the day of Raksha Bandhan extra special this year for the beautiful ladies of the house!