Make a chocolaty story of Raksha Bandhan

Everything seems to be moving either too fast or too slow; everything seems uncertain these days. Whom do you think of when you feel blue? Mom, dad, sister, brother, friend or someone you love maybe. But how often do you have a heart to heart with them or tell them how much you need and love them? When time’s flying by, sharing the truest words and making the most of the small moments may have a bigger impression on the people you love more than you know. This Rakhi, it’s time for you to share. Let’s make it a chocolaty story of Raksha Bandhan to give those moments a sweet touch.

When one thinks of chocolates, it’s not just things like it’s sweet, crumbly or flavourful; it’s packed with emotions, memories and getting goosebumps while reminiscing about them. The pandemic has turned the world upside down and some families too. Isn’t it high time that we appreciate the ones we have? Let’s touch upon the importance of Raksha Bandhan and spend some quality time with the ones we love. If they are too far away to reach now, make a video or set up a call and tell them what they mean to you. But do it with some Cadbury chocolates to make it more memorable.

Chocolates are known to elevate mood and bring a smile to anyone. So, let’s be grateful for the people we have and to our silent friend who cheers us up – chocolate!

Here are some Rakhi Celebration Ideas to plan for the entire family with a chocolaty twist.


Rakhi message for sister

Sisters share a unique bond that just gets stronger over the years. They always find a way to stick together against the world, or even when they fight, they find a way to patch up. From sharing clothes, gossip, comfort foods to so much more, they survive together. Even when it comes to planning on which of mom’s sarees and accessories to wear or splitting the pocket money dad gave, it’s sort of an understanding they have. For this Rakhi, we have a chocolate gift box idea for you to give that sister. Give her a crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside Cadbury Premium Cookies Collection Tin Box - Personalised Pack which is just like her; bold but soft.

The chocolate box contains 1 unit of Cadbury Oreo Dipped Cookie, 2 units of Oreo Vanilla Cookie, 1 unit of Chocobake Cookie, 1 unit of Chocobake Cake. Now, isn’t that delicious? This creative chocolate gift idea is the absolute gift for her. It gives you an option to personalise the pack with her name, photo and a message. This box comes beautifully designed, so you don’t even have to rack your brains for gift wrapping ideas.

Plan a sleepover together (it’s never too cheesy even if you are old) and binge on your favourite foods and drinks. Rewatch the movies you loved as kids or play the board games you enjoyed. How’s that for a memorable catch-up?

Rakhi message for long distance brother

Staying far from family is one of the hardest things, especially at times like this, where everything is vulnerable. Talking on the phone or texting may relieve you for the moment, but a hug or a gentle kiss on the forehead cannot be compared to a virtual conversation. Brothers are like big teddy bears who just help you unwind from anything and have fun even during the worst situations. They can be your shield, your punching bag or your piggy bank… they just are the rock in your life. This Rakhi, make time and plan a video call just to talk, share and maybe even irritate him a bit for old time’s sake. It’s what you need to remind yourself of the importance of Rakhi festival.

Make it a Cadbury celebrations Rakhi to keep it sweet during your conversation amongst the tears you know are gonna flow. Order him a Cadbury Brother's Rakhi Gift Box - Personalised Pack (Create Your Own Mix). You can choose 6 chocolates from the Silk or Dairy Milk range (pick his favourite flavours), and you can personalise it with his name and a photo of the 2 of you. The box design is simple and elegant, so you don’t have to worry about gift wrapping ideas. It can make a great frame too, with the photo on it. Don’t forget to make or buy a beautiful Rakhi and send it to him.

Best Rakhi Message for Mom

Thinking about how to make rakhi at home easy and beautiful for mom? Gift her this delicious Chocobakes Choc Filled Cookies. It’s rich with flavours and melts in the mouth when you bite into it. As she hustles all day long to keep the family sane at home, she needs these sweet treats to mmm and relax when she takes a break. Wrap up your college/office work early and take her to the temple (remember to stay safe). Cook her favourite meal and serve her. Get her to share all about her day and maybe even snippets of her rakhi celebrations when she was a kid..

Best Rakhi Message for Dad

We are all so wrapped up in the hustle-bustle of day-to-day things that we forget to say those three words, which matter a lot. Maybe we say it more to our moms on the phone than to dad, as he’s never the one to get emotional or have long conversations over the phone. This Rakhi, remind him that you love him and have his back just like he does for you. Make him take a break from work and chill with him.

Gift him this Cadbury I Love You Neon Box - Personalised Pack (Create Your Own Mix). It says those 3 words out loud, and he needs to hear them more often.

This creative chocolate gift idea will surely make him give his rare smile. The box can be customised with the chocolate bars of your choice, and you get to choose a photo and your dad’s name too. Leave the rest to Cadbury Gifting. You don’t need a Rakhi thread to tell your dad how much you adore him. Make this festival the reason and just spend some quality time with him.

Raksha Bandhan surprise for those who lost their loved ones

Since the pandemic hit, some of us have been lucky, while others lost their near and dear ones. This Rakhi, let us be there for them. Though we cannot take the place of their loved ones, we can just remind them that they are not alone. Send a Cadbury Rakhi Special Silk Bar - Personalised Pack (Create Your Own Mix) to them.

The importance of Rakhi festival is all about caring, sharing and being there for another. Select a chocolate bar of your choice from the Cadbury Silk or Dairy Milk range and personalise it with the giftee’s name. You can share a beautiful photo of the giftee and the person they lost to create a beautiful memory and remind them that though they are long gone, they will always remain in their hearts.

This Rakhi, make everything a little sweeter with Cadbury Gifting and spread some love. We know the world needs it.