Make time to celebrate your time of togetherness! ANNIVERSARY DECORATION IDEAS

Wedding anniversaries call for a celebration, not only of the years you have spent together but of the struggles and triumphs you have gone through together as a couple. Celebrating the day your adult life changed forever also implies that you are grateful to be in this relationship. It shows the importance of this day in your life and not just a tick on the calendar. So, what kind of a celebration does this life-changing event demand? Well, let’s look at some ways you can make new memories on this day and show your beloved how much they mean to you.

Any bash needs thoughtful planning and execution to make it a joyous event. Simple anniversary decoration ideas at home are a wonderful way to show your better half that you care enough to put in the effort and time to make this day more than special.

Decorating your house for this momentous day is a great way to lead to more wonderful times. So, here we present you with some ideas that will make your home look as lovely as you feel today.

Anniversary Decoration Ideas at Home

Follow a theme

Wedding anniversaries are all about showing gratefulness and love for your spouse. Romance can be a theme woven through everything you use to bedeck your home today. List down all the things that signify love to you and your spouse. You will get flooded with memories when you start with the word – love. You must have been wooed by each other’s words and actions at many points in this adventure together. Pull out everything that means love to you, and you will be amazed how you can make them into decorative items. Most favourites that signify love are flowers, candles and chocolates. We are not saying the list stops here, definitely not! But this is where you can start to dress up your house and bring about a million smiles.

Your theme could be Memories. An appealing décor can be planned around this beautiful aspect that is soothing to our souls and can bring immense joy. You will need dozens of old photographs depicting your beautiful time spent together. Frame them up or hang them in prominent places to liven up your place. If your spouse got you chocolates on a date, then get a bouquet of chocolates as a reminder and to sweeten the atmosphere. Maybe order Cadbury Warm Wishes Cane Basket With Jute Potli. You will get an array of chocolates and can personalise this décor with a picture, perhaps a picture of you both on the very day. Watch some tutorials on how to gift wrap a chocolate bar or goodie gift basket ideas to add to your memories bouquet.

Want to go with your Dreams and Future Plans? This is a marvellous theme that can pep up the space and bring about a lot of cheer and chatter. A vacation you have been planning to take? Print out the brochures of the place. Decorate your spaces with elements of the holiday, which you look forward to. A café you wish to visit or a beach you want to laze on. Flood your home with the positive vibes of your dreams and aspirations, and see how the day transforms the mood to the future.

Pick a colour palette

It gets quite exciting now. Coordinating the colours of your decoration can be extremely pleasing to the eye as well as the spirit. Sometimes a jumble of colours can be visually disturbing, so stick with a particular family of colours. Close your eyes and imagine which colour will bring about a smile on your spouse’s face. Maybe a common favourite? Bring out candles, curios and flowers in those colours. Prop up the seating with cushions and the dining areas with tableware using the shades of those colours. Believe us, this theme is going to make your home look gorgeous and give you many more ideas on what belongs and what needs to go back into the storage boxes.

Order Warm Wishes Silk Bars from Cadbury and try out some individual chocolate box gift-wrapping ideas using the colour paper to match the theme. Though this day is not about spending money, going a little overboard will be appreciated. Buy floral or scented candles and flowers in the same colour to spruce up your intimate spaces.

Room Decoration Ideas for Anniversary

Each room in your house will speak a million memories. Making these rooms into a colour-coded or theme-centric message for your spouse will show your dedication and love for them. Your bedroom calls out for your best linens and sheets today. Bring out those satins or Egyptian cotton to soothe your senses.

Don’t forget to hang out some matching towels and napkins in your bathroom. Light it up with candles and open a pack of potpourri and lay it out in a beautiful tray or a glass bowl. Dress up the bathroom with fresh flowers or petals of a similar colour.

Coming to the dining area, as we mentioned earlier, the tableware and tablemats will do the magic as long as you follow the theme and the colour palette. To make it peppier, you can cut out hearts and strew them over the tablecloth. This will add an element of colour along with the flower arrangement in a beautiful vase.

If you foresee yourselves spending more time in your living room, then cushions and throws are your best friends. Have time to get some cushions printed with your memories? Go ahead and indulge your beloved with such decorative items for wedding anniversary paired with creative gift-wrapping ideas for those special somethings you have picked for them. See how these simple anniversary decoration ideas at home can transform this date into a day that makes new and grand memories today.