Making Sweet Memories with Bhaiya

‘Most of all, I love you because you make the business of living so much fun. I loved your crazy antics as a child, and now, your quirky, irreverent sense of lightness. More laughter to you and us, bro. Here’s some indulgence for you this Rakhi (I know you won’t treat yourself, so…)’.

This is how a loving sister wrote her brother – her childhood friend and confidante, and sounding-board and support as an adult. For all of you who have brothers, put on your thinking caps, and let’s have some fun planning the never-before Rakhi chocolate gift ideas for bro.

To get you started, we have a few ‘situations’ and ideas that are intended to inspire you to curate your own plan for a wonderfully creative chocolate gift idea. The idea adds a unique flavour to the Rakhi sweets for brothers.

The Lead-Up of Sweet Drama

A couple of days before Rakhi, surprise him with a couriered delivery of a Dairy Milk Silk Personalised Bar. Even if you live in the same house, the idea is for the pack to arrive, addressed to him. The chocolate pack has his name on the cover, and below that, the line, ‘Rakhi is coming….’ And, instead of his photo alongside, use an image of his favourite character from the ‘Game of Thrones’ – his ‘comfort’ serial.

 Making Sweet Memories with Bhaiya

The personalised note inside reads something like this: ‘I know you are watching re-runs for the umpteenth time. No, winter is not coming, but Rakhi is, and you are in for a ‘dark’ surprise. Watch out, and enjoy…’

The idea here is to pick any fun secret about your brother and play with it in this ‘teaser gift’ of milk chocolate. In this case, the take-off is from the serial’s famous line, ‘Winter is coming…’

Once you have the idea fleshed out, Cadburygifting does the rest. You don’t even need gift wrapping ideas – Cadburygifting does it all.

How to Make Rakhi at Home Memorable

For the main gift, order in advance and keep it ready to be gifted on Rakhi day after the tika ceremonies are over and it’s time for the fun to begin. The gift is the Luxurious Dark Chocolate Gift Collection that has a combination of Dark Milk and Bournville chocolate bars, a card with a personalised message and a bar code that leads to a personalised video.

Order extra Bournville if you like – typically, most seniors in the house love Bournville as it comes with associations with their growing up years. (The dark chocolate collection comes so beautifully packaged that you don’t miss the traditional chocolate gift box ideas.)

The note could go something like this: ‘I knew you had got up in the night and ate up 3 full Cadbury’s bars from the lot Chacha had gifted us when he came visiting the summer you turned 8, but I didn’t want Ma to scold you, so I kept mum. Loved you then, love you now and always. Check out my pick of your “memorable moments” packed with your favourite sweets for Rakhi.’’

The Secret of a Good Gift: Details

Here is how to make Rakhi super special: Create a video. The video will take some planning, so you need to prep in advance. Search through all your old family albums for photos of your brother in different situations. Stick to a chronological timeline to make it more fun, tracing his journey from the bawling baby to the handsome young man he is today. Scan the photos and write comments alongside the photo in the video slides.

The opening slide of the video could say something like this: ‘Life and times of Dev Nayyar, hotshot IT professional and secret manic lover of GOT.’ The video comprises a slide show of photos and begins with a photo of Dev as a grouchy baby being brought home and older siblings looking on curious – the caption could be something tongue-in-cheek: ‘Never an uglier baby was seen in the Nayyar household. June 1995.’

Photos of Dev scrambling up a wall, caught in the camera from behind, or him sitting in the guava tree in ‘Nani’s house’ eating raw fruit. The caption could run like this: ‘This was clicked by Bittu Mama just before you slipped and fell and bawled at the top of your voice for 3 hours non-stop. May 2003.’

The photos need to come up to recent times and subtly bring out the importance of Rakhi as a special festival that celebrates sibling bonds in all its nuances. Try to catch him unawares when you click the recent photos. Maybe when he is prepping for a video call with a ‘special’ person. ‘Our hero… Solah Shringar for that zoom date. July 2021.’

The video ends with you talking about the significance of Rakhi, and in a lighter vein, to tell him you know him in and out, so there is no possibility of ‘dark’ secrets or any secrets between you. And what better way to underline this Rakhi message for a brother than with his favourite dark chocolates from Cadbury? (‘Extra Bournvilles for Papa who loves his chocolate.’)

Create precious moments with these Rakhi celebration ideas and add to your treasure trove of wonderful family memories.