Mother’s Day Ideas 2020 for Celebration at Home, the Quarantine Way

It’s finally here! Mother’s Day is here! The day where you get to honour the most selfless person in your life, your Mother. But did you know how mother’s day started?

It wasn’t something that all the moms around the world came up with an idea to get a day off for themselves. It was started by a woman named Anna Jarvis back in 1905. Later, it got recognition and in 1914 it officially got declared as a day specifically reserved for all the mothers around the world. The second Sunday in May is officially a Mother’s Day.

Now that you know a little back-story to this historic day, how do you make it special? You can pamper your mother to all things she likes, be it a fancy restaurant meal or helping her reconnect with her long lost hobbies, or even a spa treatment helping her relax and rejuvenate, you can do it all. But with the global pandemic, you need to hold back your horses. So how to improvise while being quarantined at home? Here we have some awesome best mother’s day gift ideas that you can do all at home to make it memorable for your mom -

Breakfast in bed

You surely want to give your mom some rest and shoulder the responsibility of making breakfast for her. Start the day early and prepare a savoury breakfast for her, it can be simple pancakes or any of her favourite dish. All your family can be waiting to capture that moment in their phones that can be a treat to watch later.

Spa at Home

With the lockdown scenario, it would be better to get beauty services at home. And no, we do not mean that you call for beauty services, instead become her masseuse. Watch some videos to know the ways you can give a relaxing head shoulder and foot massage. You can also go ahead and offer some manicure and pedicure treatment for her on this special day. Why leave any stone unturned, right?

Revisit your Memories

With ample time at hand, you can get all photo albums ready for a nostalgia session! Revisit your old memories. Have a walk down the memory lane. The perfect time to talk and reconnect with your mum. Right from your mother’s childhood to your childhood, you can cherish these special moments together.

Mother’s Day Ideas 2020 for celebration at Home, the Quarantine Way

Personalised Gift

While thinking of creative ideas, why not order a gift for her. If she has a sweet tooth, you surely can get a personalised chocolate box with a special message on it. Nothing gets better than a box of chocolates! You can surprise her on this special day with a cute gesture while her mother’s day gift is shipped once the services resume. Send her the confirmation mail that her gift is being shipped and watch her bloom with joy. You can also add on a thoughtful mother’s day message to it, to make her feel special.

Decorate the House

For this, you do not need fancy party decorations, but simple origami and creative paper folding ideas can do the job. It’s time you get your paint brushes and colour those papers for some creative decorations that can liven up your home. Recall all those craft ideas your mum taught you in school and get creative with mother's day decoration ideas.

Book a Show

If your mother has an artsy side to her, you can arrange for a show via video conferencing. As it is, video conferencing is a hit this quarantine season, why not make good use to watch her favourite artist perform. It is always fun to watch your mother go back to her roots and get inspired by her.

These are some of the mother’s day creative ideas that you can use to celebrate this year in 2020. Do try mixing some of them to create your very own personalised way to brighten up this quarantined weekend for her!