15 Mother’s Day Messages & Gifts That Every Mom will Love

‘Mother’, “Maa’, ‘Mom’ or any other that is the language of your heart, it sure strikes a chord. It reminds you of your childhood reminiscing those treasured memories. Your first best friend, your confidant, your teacher, and everything else in between, such is a mother.

Advocating you from your father, be it low grades or late returning home, she always has your back. Mark your calendars! 10th May is right around the corner and it is Mother’s Day! What better way to celebrate this weekend than Mother’s Day?

Get ready to celebrate this special occasion with all your loved ones. You can come up with all kinds mother’s day gift ideas, but gifting something personalised has a special place when it comes to gifting. Elevating the experience of the occasion, nothing better than a chocolate box or a homemade greeting card to brighten up her day! Gifting isn’t all that tricky. It needs some careful thought for your mother’s favourites and voila, you have the perfect gift. But did you know personalized gifts are the most precious ones? Nothing beats the touch of personalisation. It isn’t always about the value, but instead all about its exclusivity.

During these difficult times, we understand the importance of a mother’s day during this quarantine. This is where we have come up with some best mother’s day gift ideas & messages for every mother around you. Starting with your mother, your blessed mothers i.e. aunts and in-laws, and finally your god-mothers i.e. your grandmas! Make sure they have a remarkable 2020 by presenting a unique gift with personalisation to it.

To make this mother’s day a grander, don’t let your work commitments get your way. Express the love for all the mothers around you by preparing a simple homemade Oreo Biscuit milkshake, No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake or Chocolate Cake, with readily available at home household snacks ingredients. Even if you are miles apart from your mother, aunty, sister, or grandmother, don’t miss out on making it special for them in any way. It is easier than you think.

Happy Mother’s Day Messages & Gifts - Every Mom will Love

Let Us Help You Write That Perfect Mother's Day Messages

You can compliment your mother with a personalised Mother’s Day message. This is how you can show all the love and respect for your mother and other maternal figures in your life. Here are a few ideas to brighten up their day customized for each mother. Take a look -

For your Mother –

  • • Birth-giver to life-raiser, thank you for everything in life Maa! You take the debt of sorrow for our interest of Joy! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • • Thank you for setting me on the right track in life. Happy Mother’s day!
  • • You make me the luckiest child in this entire world. Thank you and Wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

For your Grandmother –

  • • You are the fairy-mother sent by God to look after us. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • • Thank you for the infinite wisdom that I’ve inherited from you. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • • Your love is a cosy blanket and I never wish to get out of it! Happy Mother’s Day!

For your Aunt –

  • • You’re the mother outside of our mother! Thank you so much! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • • Mother told me how to do things, you imbibed them in us! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • • You’re the one who will say ‘Yes’ when mom says ‘No’. Happy Mother’s Day!

For your Mother-in-Law –

  • • The law brought us together, but you connected the hearts! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • • I am so blessed to have a second Mom, Thank You and Happy Mother’s Day!
  • • I always knew I had a fairy mother in this world. Did not know it would be you! Happy Mother’s Day!

For your Friend –

  • • You’re a great friend, but the best mother! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • • Your maternal love sure translates into this friendship too! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • • To the mom of the group who always takes care of us! Happy Mother’s Day!