Happy New Year

Diwali, Eid, Christmas are the big gifting occasions for most of us. But equally significant is the beginning of a New Year. It is deeply symbolic of not just new beginnings but also fresh hope to do better, fight old demons, scale new heights. Most of us make resolutions for the New Year or at least mark the day as a chance to relook at our goals. It’s a time when we need to wish our near and dear ones the very best of luck for all their hopes and plans to come to fruition. What better way to do so than with carefully chosen New Year gifts?

To add sweet toppings to your New Year gift ideas, send them out with little touches of chocolate. Want to make them even better? Personalise your gifts of chocolate. Cadbury Gifting allows you a unique way to do so. Log in to www.cadburygifting and send out chocolate gifts with the name and photo of the giftee on them, along with a sweet message.

New Year’s Gift: Ideas to Inspire You

Send a Warm Wishes Silk Bar from Cadbury Gifting to each of your inner circle friends with a photo of your gang and a simple sweet message: ‘My year looks good because you guys are in it…’ Most often, we take our closest friends for granted. This end-of-year make a difference. Let Cadbury Gifting help you do so.

The personalised Warm Wishes Silk Bar is a great New Year gift idea to send across to members of a close group as well. Load a throwback photo to go on all the chocolates you send out. Your gesture is sure to touch hearts and bring back warm memories of a time when all of you were together.

Throw a New Year party and pre-order personalised Warm Wishes Silk Bars as New Year Gifts for each invitee. After the revelries are over, hand out the bars as sweet takeaways from the good time that was had. It will be remembered for many New Years to come.

The personalised Warm Wishes Silk Bars also do well if you are organising a party for your little one this New Year. She will love to hand over the chocolates with the photos of her friends on them. Make sure you get in the bars on time and match the guest list.

New Year Gift Ideas For Family

The Warm Wishes Satin Potli is the perfect New Year gift for close family friends. Personalise it with a photo of any occasion the families may have gotten together. Write a from-the-heart message. In this gift, you also have the option to upload a video along with your gift! Go ahead delight the people you love this New Year.

Often, we forget to express our love and gratitude to the people we live with, the ‘family’ (could be your roomies or friends) who is there for us 24/7, who is our immediate support system. Here is a New Year’s gift idea to change this. On an evening when you know all are home, call for burgers or pizzas as a surprise and end the comfort food night with a special gift from CadburyGifting: The Gift Box for All Occasions, which has six delicious Silk chocolates nestled in, perfect for the occasion.

On the cover, let there be a lovely photo of all of you together. After the evening is over, you may want to frame the cover as a memento of the evening and hang it in the house. Chocolates get over, but the sweet taste of such memories linger on.

The element of surprise works well with gifting any time, so arrange for this little impromptu at-home party when everyone is least expecting it.

New Year Gift for Boyfriend (or Girlfriend)

What can you gift the special person in your life that would make him or her feel truly special? Think long and hard. Think of something personal, something that not everyone would know. Maybe he loves the little touches: monogrammed hankies; woollen socks with particular comic character motifs; quirky bookmarks… gift him a hamper with these little things. She may be delighted with a hand-painted cup, a sketch of the two of you together, an antique anklet (only jewellery she wears)… You get the drift.

This New Year’s gift requires a lot of patience, time and effort to put together but is worth the joy it is guaranteed to bring. Complete your hamper with the I Love You Neon Box of chocolates from Cadbury Gifting customised with a photo of the two of you together and a personal message.

These New Year gift ideas are to get you thinking out-of-the-box. Remember the cardinal rule of gifting: Your gift must delight the receiver, not satisfy your ego. Sometimes, the smallest, most inexpensive gesture of love is the biggest and best gift ever.