diwali gift for employees

This is a significant issue, deserving careful attention and care. When planning Diwali gifts for employees, the one thing not to do is send all the same 1 kg box of mixed mithais - a custom that continues to be followed even by well-established companies who like to think of themselves as game-changers. Step out of this herd.

Gifts, and Diwali gifts particularly, is a time and an opportunity for you to reach out to your employees and express your gratitude for all they do, and encourage and motivate them to do even better. The gift becomes symbolic of trust and goodwill, and it is a chance to create an atmosphere of family bonding over the good work that you achieve together. It underlines the fact that your relationship with your employees is one of mutual respect, camaraderie and support – that your ties go beyond the transactional.

Read out the guide to Diwali Gift for Employees and decide your gifting this year.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Office Staff

The office staff would most appreciate a Diwali bonus of cash. So try and make that happen as best possible. Think of this as much as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation as of charity. Remember that ‘charity begins at home’ is no cliché –delight your office staff this Diwali, make it a Cadbury celebration Diwali. Along with the cash bonus, have a Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack from CadburyGifting sent to their homes.

Skip the mithai this year; make it a chocolate Diwali. With an assortment of milk chocolates, 5 Star bars and Gems, the Cadbury’s gift pack is guaranteed to delight – especially if there are children; this will be the best Diwali gift for the family. Personalise the gift box with the staffer’s name, a photo, and a message. If you have a relatively small staff, it would be great to write a personal message. For instance: Office aapke chai bina sahi nehi lagta, Happy Diwali, Bablu.

Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees

Several companies offer Diwali bonus to their corporate employees too. It’s a good practice and keeps the employees motivated. If finances are down, make the cash bonus a token amount but gift it with grace and appreciation. A good way of doing this is to meet your employees in person, where possible. If you head a large company, your senior managers could be roped in to do this with their departments.

Order in Diwali chocolate boxes from CadburyGifting. We suggest Rich Dry Fruit Collection – Pack of 2; and the Dark and Divine Gift Box with 1 dark Milk Chocolate and 4 Bournville chocolates as options. Order the boxes for all your employees, with their names and photos.

When you hand over the gift, add an envelope with a personal note for each employee, mentioning the cash token of thanks being transferred to his or her account. For e.g.: ‘Binny, appreciate the nit-picking you do, even though I may appear impatient at times. Happy Diwali! Often, the hectic pace at most workplaces does not allow company founders and leaders to spend time with corporate employees. These little gestures convey your feelings of gratitude and appreciation meaningfully. And that’s what a Cadbury’s Celebration Diwali is all about!

Diwali Hamper Ideas for Your Personal Employees

Here too, you will need to give them the traditional Diwali baksheesh. Your personal staff – the part-time maid, your cook, maali, driver, your stay-home house help – all generally look forward to their annual bonus, which mostly happens around Diwali. Of course, it is de rigueur to gift the sundry ‘outer ring’ of workers – the postman, the road cleaner, the dhobi, the garbage collector and more – all an integral part of Indian urban life. For this ‘outer circle’ of support, you may want to keep it to the mandatory box of mithai and cash but make a difference for your home helps this year.

Along with their bonus, surprise them with a Diwali hamper. Here is a Diwali gift hamper idea: Fill up a cane basket (which may be used later) with things he or she will enjoy as an indulgence, not as a need. (Yes, necessities are a necessity, but so is pure joy. Make this hamper one of pure delight, this Diwali, and light up lives.)

So, for the young maid, add indulgences such as nail polish, lipstick, trinkets; for the cook, a lacy dupatta, sketch pens for her child; quality T-shirts for the driver, fancy glass for his wife and maybe a mechanised toy for his kid… To the hampers, add a touch of sweetness with a ‘Happy Diwali’ chocolate gift, a personalised chocolate gift from CadburyGifting.

Choose the Warm Wishes Kids Potli – the best Diwali gift for a family with kids, or add a Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack as the show-stopper in the hamper. Personalise the gift pack with the giftee’s name and photo on it.

Go on make it your mission this Diwali to delight your employees’ lives with your gratitude and the sweet gift of chocolate from CadburyGifting – the best Diwali gift for employees!