Online Deepavali gift Ideas to bridge the distance & express your love

As we know, long-distance relationships are hard for everyone. Luckily, the age of video calls and texts have made the struggle of a long-distance easier. Apart from this, it is the gifts that also makes the heart grow fonder despite the absence.

It brings two individuals closer even from afar. So what are you waiting for? With the biggest gifting season around the corner, connect with your loved ones from a distance by sending online Deepavali gifts.

This year, bridge the distance and express your love with these best Diwali gifts ideas that will keep the spark of every relationship alive:

  1. Friendship lamps
  2. Deepavali Gift Ideas- Friendship Lamps

    Lucky are the ones that live in the same town as their best friends. Our heart goes out to those who don’t. Don’t be upset. We have something for you and your long-distance friend- Friendship lamps! These lamps make the cutest Deepavali gift items to stay connected with them despite the ten thousand miles between the two of you.

  3. Customised letter pack
  4. Is there anything more magical than a handwritten letter? This customised letter pack is one of the excellent Deepavali gift ideas for your special ones living continents away from you. Every pack comes with a letter labelled- Open when you’re having a bad day, Open when you’re feeling low, Open when you need a pep talk, etc. This way, you can keep your relationship moving steadily in an old-fashioned way.

    Deepavali Gift Ideas- Letter pack

  5. Personalised chocolates
  6. Deepavali Gift Ideas- Personalised Chocolates

    A Diwali celebration with your family and friends is incomplete without chocolates. So, make the day complete with a personalised chocolate box on the delightful festive season. A fun-loving message and an adorable picture on a premium box of chocolates are sure to make everyone’s day.

  7. Still together silver spoon
  8. Have coffee shops been your favourite hangout spot? Well, if that’s the case, a personalised silver spoon engraved with ‘Still having coffee together’ is one of the best Diwali gift ideas for your long-distance mate. Whether it is for your boyfriend or a best friend, this vintage spoon is a great way to treasure the fond memories of your early morning brew together.

  9. I’ll be there for you bracelet
  10. Are you and your special ones hooked to the most loved sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S? If that’s the case, you’ll definitely relate to the title track of the show. Well, imagine the joy on their face on seeing an ‘I’ll be there for you’ bracelet. This festive season, bring a smile on your loved one’s face by giving them this elegant bracelet to convey your love to them.

  11. Guardian angel keychain
  12. The angel wings speak for itself. If you’re looking for sentimental Deepavali gifts ideas for your long-distance friends, a guardian angel keychain is undoubtedly the best pick. String in an initial of their name to the bracelet to turn it into one of the unique Diwali gifts. Trust us, this tiny present will be treasured for a lifetime.

    Deepavali Gift Ideas- Angel Keychain

  13. BFF photo clips
  14. A long-distance relationship with your best friends is the hardest. It gets a tad challenging, especially when you don’t get to see their face for a long, long time. But hey, don’t let the distance bog your friendship down! Send a BFF photo clip to your best friend to remind them you are still each other’s ride or die despite the absence. You can even go ahead and attach a picture of the two of you to the clip.

  15. Bath salts
  16. Deepavali Gift Ideas- Bath Salts

    Have you thought who will be around for your loved ones when they feel restless? For days when you’re not physically present to console them, bath salts work its magic. It is one of the best Diwali gift ideas for someone who gets stressed easily. This festive season, let them draw a long, relaxing bath for themselves that calms them down after a breakdown or an exhausting day.

  17. Personalised memory box
  18. Are you looking for memorable Deepavali gifts for your long-distance friends? If that’s the case, a personalised memory book fits the bill perfectly! Choose a sleek wooden box, stack all your movie tickets, polaroids, first dining bill, and love notes inside it, and gift it to them as a Deepavali gift in 2020.

    Deepavali Gift Ideas- Memory Box

  19. Hug me pillow
  20. Deepavali Gift Ideas- Hug me Pillow

    If you have someone living miles away from you, you might know the feeling of dropping everything only for a big bear bug. But, hey cheer up, the good news is that now you can with this ‘Hug Me’ pillow. When you are apart from your loved ones, this pillow does the job of letting you lean on it. So, gift it to your special one to ensure they get a big hug on gloomy days.

    We are a firm believer of the fact some that bonds are made in heaven. But it’s the tiny efforts that help reach a relationship to the next level. So take some time out and choose the best online Deepavali gifts for your loved ones who don’t live with you. Bring them closer to you with a thoughtful gesture like gifting. Happy Diwali, guys!

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