Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas to Make your Wedding Invites Special

Indian weddings are an extravagant affair, and preparations begin right from the moment the date is fixed.Start your wedding celebrations on the right note with the sweetness of Cadbury and your personal touch

Everyone loves Cadbury’s classic flavours, and to top it all, now you can personalize your chocolate boxes with Cadbury, by adding images of the bride and groom and a personal message on the sleeve asking your friends to save the date. To make your wedding invitations more exciting than the typical box of sweets or dry fruits, here are some unique options to gift along with a personalised Cadbury wedding invitation box.

Tea Boxes:

To perpetuate our deep-rooted love of tea, gift a box of different tea bags – fruity, floral, masala chai, and more. We’re sure all your uncles and aunties will be gushing over this healthy token.

Assorted Spices:

Choose an assortment of mini jars containing various Indian spices like cardamom, pepper, cinnamon and even a small box of saffron if the budget permits.

An Indoor Plant or Sapling:

We all could do with a bit of greenery in our daily routines. Gifting tiny plants or saplings in dainty pots, along with thoughtful saying like “watch our love grow,” are sure to make you stand out.

Perfumed Candles:

These are not only cute but practical too. Choose candles that match the colour scheme of your invites. You can take it a step further by engraving the date of the wedding or name of the couple on the candle.


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