Passionate? Finicky? Or passionately finicky? - Birthday gifts for teenage girls

So, you are out on the toughest trip of all time - looking for a gift for a teenager! Well, we wish you luck...loads of it! Knowing how awfully picky teenagers can be, this is probably a hunt you will remember for a long, long time. This Gen-Z is vocal, not shy to shout out their beliefs and ideas from the rooftop. Sometimes, telling you on the face what they appreciate and absolutely always what they don't. So, if your gift is not up to the mark, it can get embarrassing. Have we scared you enough yet? Well, don't let their intensity intimidate you, as we come with some hints and ideas to walk you through this arduous quest. Most importantly, don’t ever fall for tags like “ideal for teens” as that is a myth and remember that “cool” is the only mantra of Gen-Z. Unfortunately, “cool” keeps changing for the fickle-minded teenagers over time, so you just have to try your best and hope to get lucky.

List down your own goodie gift basket ideas too for a mix-and-match gift combo as we take you through some gifts for a bunch that is truly and passionately finicky. So, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride scouting the best gifts for teenage girl on her birthday.

Last minute Birthday gifts for teenage girls

Girls are considered difficult to please, and teenage girls are a phenomenon in themselves! No offence, girls! We love you! You are brilliant, and your optimism fills this world with new hopes. Your determination makes us want to do better. Just that you make us work and work hard, we shall to please you!

Most girls at this age love to chatter continuously, and scrolling on their social media has replaced a stroll in the park with friends. Their long hours online on various platforms has given rise to a new commodity, the portable charger or a power booster. It has turned into a necessity of sorts and is not a luxury like a few years ago. So, pen down a portable charger on your list of best gifts for teenage girl on her birthday. If you are looking for birthday gift ideas for teenage daughter and you shortlist the power bank, then you are at an advantage as you would know her choice of colour, be it funky or mellow. Pair it with a Happy Birthday Neon Box from Cadbury that comes with 6 chocolates of your choice from their Silk and Dairy Milk collection. Which girl doesn’t enjoy these gooey delights? A little more effort and time putting these gifts together only show how much thought you have put into the gifts and get you brownie points in return.

We understand girls can be skin-care obsessed at this age, according to our experience. In their defence, they are working hard to make the skincare industry grow leaps and bounds. Ask any teenage girl what she would love to wear, and most will answer a "glittery lip balm!” Though you might need to up your game when looking for makeup or other such products for a teenager, as their virgin skin needs the best your money can buy. It is always advisable to go with good vegan brands, keeping the health of their sensitive skin as a top priority. You can go through some videos for quick unique gift-wrapping ideas if you want to personalise the gift of makeup or lotions. Add in a creative chocolate gift idea like a Happy Birthday Tin Box With Video Personalisation from Cadbury, and you can't go wrong! Dig out some old pictures of the both of you and make a short video clip for this personalised chocolate gift.

Birthday gift for best friend teenager

Sometimes these tender souls go through many ups and downs thanks to all the raging hormones. If you are scouring for a birthday gift for best friend teenager at the last minute, and you are aware of her mood swings, you can make her day with our next suggestion. Is she one of those that love sleeping in on tough days? Then a lounging suit will make a fabulous gift to keep her comfortable while taking care of her style. Lounge pants and hoodies are a cult favourite, being functional and trendy at the same time. Come up with some unique gift-wrapping ideas to surprise her with this unofficial teen uniform, and you would have successfully completed the adventure of finding the best birthday gift for best friend teenager. Along with this, check out the top 10 chocolate gift basket ideas on the big worldwide web, and you will come out a winner, as teenage girls absolutely cannot survive without the endorphins chocolates offer. You can also cut through the fuss and order her Cadbury Warm Wishes Silk Bar. This feel-good, sweet treat will lend you a hand in making your teenage soul-sister feel on top of the world. Laze away with her for the day, sharing the chocolates and make it best-friends’ lounging party. Memories are made for a lifetime!

We agree that looking for a gift for teenage girls can wreak havoc on your sanity, but if done right, it is worth all the trouble you will ever go through. So, pull up your socks and get to work, people!