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It’s a given that people exchange Valentine’s Day gifts to make each other feel special. While you might think it’s only women who enjoy receiving gifts, you’re wrong. Men love it too. Surprise! So, use this to your advantage and pick a solid Valentine’s present for him, be it your husband, boyfriend, or even father.

We’ve enlisted some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts to wow every man in your life. Come, let’s take a look at it:

  1. Valentine's gifts for Husband
  2. Below are some of the perfect Valentine’s Day ideas for your husband that are a sure-shot way to his heart:

    • Personalised Chocolates
    • Why settle for a regular chocolate box when you can give a personalised one? So, this year, kickstart Valentine’s week alongside your husband with a premium box of Valentine’s chocolates. Write down a beautiful note on our Cadbury chocolate boxes ranging from a Valentine’s Heart Shaped Gift Pack to Dairy Milk Silk and wait for your man’s reaction on opening the box. It’ll instantly bring a smile to his face!

      Valentine’s Day Gifts for him- Cadbury Gifting

    • Grooming Hamper
    • Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-Grooming Hamper

      A grooming hamper tops the list for many men. You know why? Well, they essentially hold grooming in the highest regard. So, pick a grooming kit as Valentine’s Day surprise for him as it works wonders on every man that swears by it.

    • Personalised Caps
    • Caps are every man’s best friend. But these automatically turn precious when they are personalised. Not only does it look classy but also a lot more personal. So, engrave his favorite football team’s logo, character name, movie quote, or initials. It’s indeed the best Valentine’s Day personalised gift idea for him.

      Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-Personalised Caps

    • Customised Cushions
    • Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-Customised Cushions

      Be it a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, a customised cushion is hands down a brilliant personalised Valentine’s gift for him. Well, it’s simply because the comfort of a cushion will remind him of you every single time.

    • Custom-made Catchall Tray
    • Let us all agree that he can be a mess at times. Well, what if we tell you that we have a solution to this. Your man’s only saviour is a custom-made catchall tray- a storage item that keeps even the smallest of the smallest items together in a single place. Now, isn’t that great news, ladies?

      Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-Custom-made Catchall Tray

  3. Valentine's Gifts for Boyfriend
  4. Here are a few unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him that speak nothing but love:

    • Wireless Charger
    • Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-Wireless Charger

      Not only does it keep the mess of untangled charging chords at bay but also amps up the look of the study table. So, grab this simple device for your guy and give it to him on Valentine’s Day. It’ll let him keep the battery of his phone alive at all times!

    • Dog Breed Necktie
    • He loves experimenting with prints, doesn’t he? This Valentine’s Day, let your favourite guy take his love for prints a notch higher with a dog breed necktie. All you have to do is pick a tie of his favourite colour, emboss the dog breed he likes, and voila! The tie is ready!

      Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-Dog Breed Necktie

    • Braided Genuine Leather Bracelet
    • Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-Braided Genuine Leather Bracelet

      If he likes wearing jewelry, a braided genuine leather bracelet is the perfect Valentine’s day gift idea for your boyfriend. Go for a simple yet classy piece of the bracelet so that he gets to wear it wherever he goes. See to it that you avoid choosing anything flashy or jazzy!

    • Wallet Card
    • An ultra-thin credit-sized wallet card is exactly what your special guy needs to make him feel loved on Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is engrave a beautiful quote to convey your feelings in the sweetest possible way and give it to him on Valentine’s Day. It is hands down the best personalised Valentine’s Day gift for him!

      Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-Wallet Card

    • Heart Map Print
    • Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-Heart Map Print

      This one-of-a-kind map can be customised any way you like. It can be a map of the first place you met, a place where he grew up, or the location of your first trip together. Once you settle upon a place, add a special quote, frame the map, and give it to your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

  5. Valentine's gifts for Father
  6. We’ve listed down excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for your father to ensure he knows how much he matters to you:

    • Vintage Bluetooth Record Player
    • A perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your father! This vintage record player will upgrade your old man’s sound system in style. And guess what? It will also look glam in any corner of the house. Quite literally!

      Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-Vintage Bluetooth Record Player

    • A Framed Quote
    • Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-A Framed Quote

      Valentine’s week is a perfect time to surprise your father with a framed quote from his favourite movie, or a book. Customise the entire frame based on your father’s taste and preferences.

    • Handmade Leather Belt
    • It’s time to take your father’s exclusive belt collection a notch higher. This Valentine’s Day, upgrade it by giving him a stylish handmade leather belt that looks sleek on every attire. Go ahead and emboss his initials on the buckle to give it a personal touch.

      Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-Handmade Leather Belt

    • Card Holder
    • Valentine’s Day Gifts for him-Card Holder

      Is your father’s old wallet falling apart? In that case, turn it around and replace his worn-out purse with a sleek leather cardholder. Not only will he be able to keep everything stacked properly in one place but also fit it easily in any pocket of his jeans.

    So, what are you waiting for? Spoil the men with love and lots of gifts this Valentine’s Day. Our list of Valentine’s Day surprises for him is perfect in all sense to make him smile on any one of the seven days of Valentine’s Week!

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