Promise Day Ideas for Love Week 2022

Promises are the stepping stones to building an intimate relationship. Promise Day precedes the great day of Love, Valentine’s Day, for a reason – to build a solid foundation of the relationship and to strengthen the love by exchanging promises with your soulmate. Understanding the importance of vows and promises in a relationship leads to a stronger and loving affinity.

But on this ultimate day of vows, words don’t stand a chance to action. Intangible promises are celebrated with memorable and meaningful gifts to partners and would-be Valentines that sow the seeds of fabulous times to come. Though, picking the correct gifts can be a challenge that can give lovebirds sleepless nights. But fret not and get ready for some fabulous ideas we have to make your Valentine Week Promise Day super special this year.

Gift ideas for your special date for Promise Day 2022

Hope you have made the most of Propose Day, which comes earlier this week, and has proclaimed your love out loud to that special someone. Now that the wait has started for the answer and the butterflies in your stomach are doing great acrobatics, you will need something more to woo your sweetheart. This is where we suggest you get your act together and arrange for a Promise Day date, but don’t forget to take along a little goodie.

The time is right to give that little extra nudge to get a positive response, and a small souvenir could help do just that. So, here’s what we suggest – a personalised leather journal book could be a fabulous gift for your date as after your big, bold proposal, there might be lots of thoughts going topsy-turvy in their head and heart. Show them you really care by this thoughtful gift that can help them sort out their thoughts and feelings. And who doesn’t like to see their name printed on a journal?

And then there’s always chocolate – you can never go wrong with chocolate! Bring along Cadbury Valentine Gift Pack of 3. The classic taste of Cadbury but beautifully crafted as a special edition, these bars are irresistible and should make this Valentine Week Promise Day truly memorable for you both. Break the ice by sharing a bar and see how things progress from there. We wish you all the very best this Promise Day 2022 and hope you get the answer you are looking for!

Gift ideas for your lover for Promise Day 2022

So, you are already seeing someone and seek to show your commitment on this Valentine Week Promise Day. Well, this happens to be the best day to put in some extra effort and make a beautiful gesture to show them how special they are to you. Sometimes a simple piece of jewellery can say more than words in the most romantic of ways. You can go for a personalised leather bracelet with the Promise Day date etched on it. This will serve as a beautiful memento of your time spent together this Promise Day and promises of more beautiful times to follow.

Add a Cadbury Video Personalised Valentines Heart & Roses Pack that comes in a special heart-shaped gift box. This lovely box contained 36 of the smoothest and creamiest silk treats for your loved one. A lovely little card with sweet nothings and a personalised video makes this a splendid gift. You are sure to win their heart all over again with these gifts and make this Promise Day 2022 a truly memorable one.

Gift ideas for your spouse for Promise Day 2022

You are hitched and have already said your vows, but what better day to renew and reaffirm your feelings for each other than this Valentine Week Promise Day? Love Week is a fantastic time to celebrate your commitment to each other and make new promises to scale new heights in your beautiful relationship. Your gifts today hold special significance as you etch your love on this memorable day.

This is a time when you can give your spouse the gift of your time, which sometimes gets scant in the daily routines. Lead them to a place where you first met or watched that old favourite movie together. Cook together and show each other that you are fulfilling the promise of ‘through thick and thin’ on this day and always. Small gestures make the biggest impression when you are sincere. Don’t forget a small token of maybe a funny fridge magnet to remember this Promise Day or a potted plant that speaks how you promise to nurture each other and grow together.

Surprise them with a Personalised Valentines Gift Box with Dark Chocolates from Cadbury Gifting. This assorted gift pack contains any 5 chocolates of your choice from Cadbury Silk and Bournville that will add excitement to your already beautiful day. It will definitely bring out those old memories and giggles this Promise Day 2022.

Let this Valentine Week Promise Day be a proclamation of upholding your promises, love and commitment forevermore.