Propose Day tips and gifts ideas for men

Being less than a month away - Propose Day - sends lovers and secret admirers on a creative frenzy to put together a memorable proposal for their love. Couples who have been in long-time relationships make new promises. Many lovers decide to pop the question or ask their sweethearts out on a ‘Valentine Propose Day’ date.

The most important person in your life may have already been with you through it all - your lowest and highest times, your failures and successes. But confessing your secret feelings makes you vulnerable. So, to pop the question of a lifetime, to craft the dream proposal for your love on Valentine Propose Day, you do need courage, purpose, and, yes, some guidance.

But rest assured, if your heart is in the right place, it does not take much to create a lasting impression. A little effort here and there is enough. So go on, if someone special is in your life, then put together an unforgettable proposal on 8 February, Propose Day.

Propose Day Tips - Do everything right to win the special heart

Select a place of significance for your intended

Think about the significant spots that hold sentimental value for both of you. The place where you first met her, the restaurant where you took her on your first date, or the trek where you lived a sunset together…

Important places tend to have a memory of their own and create a magical ambience that works for you. (No, this is no cliché!) This Propose Day, try and organise a revisit to your special spot to pop the most important question of your life.

Prepare in advance for your speech

When working on a speech to reveal your feelings or when thinking about the love of your life, no matter how noble your intentions are, the words are likely to stop flowing. And you may become paralysed with fear while opening your heart to rejections. So, plan. Spend enough time to form the right words and start working on your ‘speech’ a few weeks before the D-Day.

Remember, words are just words. But, when spoken from the heart, with the right intentions, they work like a charm to land you your dream partner. Make sure to include your real feelings - your hopes of building a life together. Here are a few pointers to get you on track - make sure to include what the person means to you, how you cannot see a life beyond him or her, or how you appreciate his or her presence in your life.

Money does not make for a bigger heart

Do not get carried away with the expenses while putting together the best proposal. To pull off a proposal on Propose day, it is not necessary to burn a hole in your pocket. Do thorough research on what you might need, well in advance. Spend on quality things or experiences that you know your intended will appreciate.

After all, what truly matters is the work you put in to create a day to remember for her. If done from the heart, your girl will appreciate your efforts and carry this memory with her for life.

Propose Day Gift Ideas

Reveal your feelings with a box of chocolates

A gift does not have to be expensive but must reveal your heart-felt intentions. Ideally, it should carry a message that shows how much you care. A thoughtful gift will make her feel appreciated, loved and cherished. Thinking about giving her custom Valentine’s gifts? We got you covered!

Curating personalised Valentine’s gifts on Propose Day is easy to put together, only if you have the right guide. A girl can’t say NO to chocolates! Cadbury Gifting offers the perfect gift: A Video Personalised Valentines Heart and Roses Pack. The box contains miniature heart-shaped chocolate treats – each to be a reminder of your love. You can customise the pack and attach a video message. Reveal your feelings by giving her a gift made just for her.

Here are a few message ideas to inspire you to create your own:

Be my companion for life, and I will keep your heart safe forever!

Without you by my side, the world appears dull. Be my girl and paint my life with colours!

You are my best friend, my partner in crime. Now be my wife, and let’s live new adventures together.

Organise a surprise delivery - flowers in the morning

Start the day by giving her surprise flowers. Arrange to deliver a large bouquet of red roses, alluding to something more to come. It will help build anticipation and keep her on edge throughout the day.

Accompany the roses with chocolates. We suggest the Personalised Silk Roses Bar from Cadbury Gifting. The chocolates will arrive in beautiful packaging, guaranteed to make your love feel special. You can customise the package with a sweet message dedicated to her and include a picture. The picture can be a single shot of her face, illuminated with her beautiful smile, or a photo of you two together. We leave the choice to you.

We have curated this Propose Day guide to help you create a moment for both of you. Choose what seems fit from these tips to pull off the ultimate proposal.

We wish you the best!

Happy Propose Day to you!