Quirky gift ideas for a best friend  – Say “No” to boring!

Gift-giving has been a tradition that has evolved with time in its meaning and ways. But what has stayed constant is a gift’s nature to bolster social cohesiveness and bring cheer. A gift brings along an element of surprise and celebration on special occasions. As actions speak louder than words, an act of gifting is an expression of love without the compulsion of verbal communication. It is a thoughtful gesture to remind the receiver how much they are cherished and loved. It has the power to enrich our relationships by showing appreciation and thoughtfulness for a loved one.

As the economy of gifting has changed the scene completely, sometimes it gets tough to find a perfect gift for your friends. And if it’s your best friend we are talking about, then you better put in enough thought into what they would appreciate. But there is always a bit of boredom when it comes to conventional gifts, and here enters quirky gift ideas for best friend!

Goofy, wacky and out-of-the-box gifts are best when they are well thought out while understanding what your friend is passionate about. It also gives you the liberty to move away from gender stereotypes and get creative while conveying your emotions. So let us get down to listing a few suggestions that could make your friend’s day special and your creative juices flowing.

We are biased to fun-filled goodie basket ideas and creative gift-wrapping ideas to make gifting an interesting affair, so put on your thinking caps and bring out your mother’s satin ribbons!

Quirky gift ideas for her

Your best friend’s betrothal is a joyous event, and it’s up to you to make it even more special for her with a well though-out gift that will be remembered forever. Your partner-in-crime and your keeper-of-secrets deserve the best you can come up with to make this significant day momentous for you both.

The day of the much-awaited engagement is here, and if you are looking for some quirky engagement gift ideas, then don’t expect decorum here, please!

Want something slapstick that the new bride-to-be won’t be able to keep her composure and will burst out in a wicked chuckle? Get a handcrafted leather whip boxed in a beautiful leather box. It can add more flavour if you can get the box printed with “Who’s the Boss?” or “Boss Bride” or something even more hilarious. Add a hardcover adult jokes book, and your goodie basket is complete. Remember though, to give her the gift away from the crowds, lest someone take offence!

A wedding is such a sanctimonious event that sometimes dull and customary is the best you can come up with. But don’t lose heart; if your best friend is as fun-loving as you, then you are all set to add loads of laughter and good cheer. Quirky wedding gift ideas are always welcome when you are expected to be on your best behaviour but itch to bring about some naughtiness.

Does your friend have a hippie, bohemian vibe and has always been a rebel? Why not do a complete 180 and approach her with a brass thali laden with Haldi-Kumkum and glass bangles? This is sure to take her by surprise and bring about that goofy giggle. Don’t forget to place a handmade envelope with cash along with a personalised Cadbury Dark And Divine Gift Box to make your gift more alluring.

Quirky gift ideas for him

So, your best buddy, the wild one with a bachelor-for-life attitude, is tying the knot? That’s something you never anticipated, and now suddenly, you find yourself looking for an appropriate gift. This definitely calls for something out of the ordinary.

Wondering about a gift for the Bachelor’s party? What about a cane basket filled with aromatic massage oils and a book on sensual massages? Order a Cadbury Warm Wishes Cane Basket With Jute Potli and load it with the mischievous goodies. Make your gift even more exotic by checking out tutorials on the best gift-wrapping ideas on the internet. Handmade is always original, so go with that theme, and you will make more memories with your best friend.

Ever thought your friend could bake? Well, find out now with this quirky wedding gift idea. Get your hands on a big round cake mould. Fill it with a pack of cake mix, a spatula, some funky cupcake liners, oven mitts, a customised apron printed with “Baking Queen”, and a Cadbury Warm Wishes Satin Potli of any five chocolates of your choice. Believe us; your goodie gift basket idea will crack your best friend up and bring about light-hearted amusement. Look out for some unique gift-wrapping ideas to make it extra special and Viola! Your gift is a winner!

Remember, gifts for our loved ones should depict our commitment and appreciation of them. Show your best friend how lucky you are to have them in your life!