Rakhi Gifts

That the design of the actual rakhi that is tied around a brother’s wrist has evolved over time cannot be disputed. Certainly, when the festival started sometime in the mist of time long ago, it must have been celebrated very simply. A mauli or even a simple thread must have served as a rakhi at that time, with perhaps a rudraksha to add the designer element! The entire rakhi celebration must have consisted of a simple puja and the brother giving rakhi gift to sisters. Times have certainly changed and, today, the variety of rakhi designs available online and offline can truly boggle the mind!

Latest Rakhi designs for Brother

Some people still prefer the mauli or the simplest of threads as rakhis. And why not? The thread forms the basis of the rakhi design construction. Some 20-25 years ago, the most exotic rakhis consisted of a sponge or felt circle attached to the thread in the centre and decorated with beads and other simple elements; some even had the om design on them. However, the new rakhi design has moved far beyond in sophistication.

Best Rakhi Designs - 2022

So what are the latest rakhi design 2022 trends? This year, top rakhi designs also feature the thread prominently. But that is where the resemblance to the earlier designs ends. These threads are skilfully crafted from different coloured threads, some woven together, some braided, others bunched together – and in a riotous choice of colours, not forgetting the gold, silver, copper and other metallic shades. These are festooned with beads and other decorative elements to look almost like pieces of jewellery. The centre piece or pendant, that holds the threads together, is actually crafted to resemble exquisite pieces of jewellery and is available in different metallic (gold, silver) colours with faux stones, kundan, diamonds and beads of every colour and description. Religious shapes and symbols seem to predominate in the centre piece. Some rakhi designs are available in real silver and may feature beautifully crafted filigree pendants.

Another trend seems to be to order customised designer rakhis. There are reports of sisters ordering gold rakhis at the jewellers well in advance. These are usually made of real gold, some with simple pendants of religious symbols mounted on the mauli; these are available at the lower end of the price range. Others feature sandalwood-scented thread or even gold thread and feature real gold, diamonds and gemstones. Last year, the most expensive rakhi in the world was designed by a Surat jeweller for INR 5,00,000 and it featured high quality diamonds and gold!

So what is the best rakhi design for your brother? We would recommend a design that resonates with you and truly expresses your love for your brother with a special rakhi gift which will make this Raksha Bandhan special.