Rakhi gift ideas for kids below 10 years

Our younger siblings are the apple of our eyes. Wouldn’t we go that extra mile only to look at their happy faces? Children have high hopes from us, especially when it comes to gifting.

When they receive something that they anticipate, their face radiates joy. With the season of rakhi approaching soon, it’s a good time to take them by surprise and watch them glow at the sight of gifts.

Here are a few rakhi gifts that kids below ten years will treasure for a long time:

  1. Personalised chocolate
  2. Chocolates never go wrong, especially with younger siblings. It counts as the best rakhi gifts for kids. However, surprise them with a personalised chocolate box with their picture on it. Our younger ones will always cherish a custom made personalised rakhi gift box full of their favourite chocolates.

    Gift Type
    Best Rakhi Gift for kids Rakshabandhan Special Bar Combo with Rakhi Rs. 500
    Personalised Rakhi Gifts for Daughter Rakhi Potli Rs. 700
    Rakhi Gifts for Little Sister Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry fruit Chocolate box with Rakhi Rs. 550
    Rakhi Gift for Son Silk Personalised Bar Rs. 350
    Return Gifts for younger Sister on Rakhi Cadbury Celebrations Gift pack Rs. 135- Rs. 400
    Unique Rakhi Gifts for nephew Silk Miniatures Rs. 600
    Best Rakhi Present for younger Brother Celebrations Assorted Gift Pack Rs. 199

  3. Stationery
  4. Buying stationery items are practical rakhi gifts. However, don’t pick the regular and boring type of stationery for younger siblings. Buy animal-shaped erasers, and rulers, mermaid pencils, colourful pens and sketch pens, cartoon compass boxes, and pouches. Watch them take these fun stationery items to their schools and hold onto it dearly.

    Rakhi Gifts for Kids Stationery

  5. Art supplies
  6. Rakhi Gifts for Kids Art Supplies

    Kids have a creative mind. So use this opportunity and buy them art supplies to help them explore their artistic side. Gift them art supplies, such as 3D colouring book, glitter pens, paintbrush, crayons, stencils, etc. And who knows with the same art supplies they might even learn to sketch you one day?

  7. Backpacks
  8. Don’t younger siblings love holding mama’s and papa’s bags for fun? When kids mimic their parents going to work with their bags, they look as cute as a button. Due to their love for bags, buy them an adorable little bag that reflects their style. As a rakhi gift for a kid brother, buy him a superhero backpack and purchase a tiny handbag as a rakhi gift for a kid sister.

  9. Games
  10. Kids love games. So pick a fun game as rakhi gifts for younger siblings to keep them entertained at home. Go for board games, such as ludo, snakes and ladders, monopoly, etc. or buy them a gaming console.

    Rakhi Gifts for Kids Games

  11. Toys
  12. Rakhi Gifts for Kids Toys

    Toys are every child’s best friend. Apart from fun, it helps kids in their early developmental stage. Having multiple toys at home to play helps kids to build their cognitive as well as motor skills. For boys, pick remote control cars, marvel toys, Chota Bheem miniature toys. For girls, choose an adorable dollhouse or stuffed furry animals.

  13. Comic books
  14. Comic books are the most underrated rakhi gifts for kids below ten years. It allows kids to expand their bank of words. Moreover, the illustrations and dialogues in the comics help them visualise that acts as a brain stimulator.

    Rakhi Gifts for Kids Comic Books

  15. Sleeping pillow
  16. Rakhi Gifts for Kids Pillow

    A good night’s sleep is essential for every child. Let baby siblings sleep tight in their bed with a super comfy sleeping pillow. Gift a furry pillow of their favourite colour and watch them sleep peacefully tucked in bed every night.

  17. Play tents
  18. Kids don’t have a choice but to stay indoors when it’s pouring outside. To ensure younger siblings don’t get bored when they are locked down in the house, buy a play tent in a bright colour. Play tents will make staying indoors bearable for them as they learn to explore inside the house.

  19. Accessories
  20. Haven’t we watched our baby siblings wear our sunglasses or any other accessory and model for us? These adorable munchkins deserve a stylish piece of an accessory of their own that they can flaunt effortlessly. Buy them a gorgeous pair of sunnies, chains, or bracelets this Raksha Bandhan.

    Rakhi Gifts for Kids Sunglasses

    Mark this year with memorable rakhi gifts for younger siblings that they will not stop talking about. Happy Raksha Bandhan, you guys!


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