Raksha Bandhan 2022 | Rakhi gift suggestions for the “drama queen” sister

We all have sisters who just can’t resist a touch of drama. Don’t we? This Rakhi celebration, let’s celebrate them and their playful ways that keep the family engaged.

The best part of having a sister is that you have a partner who’s a good listener, who gives a lot of advice (whether you want it or not), pulls pranks on you and is always there to safeguard you from parents. Sisters have a way of loving and fighting with you. No matter how they show it, you just know they care.

You know she will go all out to get you the best Rakhi design. So why not give her something that she will relish and remember. Here’s an idea on how to make rakhi memorable and utterly sweet for that over-the-top nautanki sister.

Chocolates to match her moods

Tell her that you love her bitter-sweet emotions and all that comes with it. Give her the Luxurious Dark Chocolate Gift Collection with Video Personalisation and bring in a twist. This delectable chocolate box contains the beloved Dairy Milk, Bournville Cranberry, Bournville Rich Cocoa and a personalised video. Gift her the chocolates one by one with a note. For the video, collect some beautiful memories and make them into a video collage. Or, even better, record a video talking about the adventures you have had together.

Rakhi gift suggestions for the drama queen sister

Here’s the master gifting plan to share a beautiful Rakhi message.

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Start by gifting her the sweetest of all, a smooth and creamy Dairy Milk and a note. Write about how amazing and adorable she is and a memory to relate. She might give you that look of saying ‘thank you’ but also complaining about getting just one chocolate. With all this sweetness, though pleased, she will surely think you are up to something. Make her wait a few hours.

Bournville Cranberry

Next, give her Bournville Cranberry which is a blend of tangy berry and bittersweet chocolate. Write a note on her vibrant moods. Talk about the way she is bubbly and chirpy when happy or how she asks for that indirect attention by showing up with a sad face or dwelling on the sofa and blabbering things around you. Don’t forget to write a memory to go with it.

Bournville Rich Cocoa

This time, she might be getting curious and may come over and to ask what’s next. Give her the Bournville Rich Cocoa chocolate bar which has a rich and intense flavour. Jot down the times she has raged over you and argued like the world is ending. Pick the funniest fights to add in as memories. She might just get angry or tear up. So just wait for the blow and hug her. Tell her how much you love her.

Personalised video

This amazing option allows you to create a beautiful timeline of her growing up or even the greatest adventures you have had together. Isn’t it the perfect Rakhi message?

Just when she thinks that was the last gift, give her the empty chocolate box. Wait for the punches and screams, and then give her the video. Plan and collect all those images and photos so you can order the Luxurious Dark Chocolate Gift Collection and get the video done on time.

Well, this plan can get you on the best brother list. The significance of Raksha Bandhan is not just the celebration or tying the rakhi and exchanging gifts, but also the moments shared with your sibling over the years. Show your sister how much you love her and what she means to you with this amazing Rakhi gift.

Wasn’t that a great gift suggestion? We are sure your sister will love it. Go on and plan it out with Cadbury gifting.