Remind Your Sibling of The Significance of Rakhi With These Unique Gift Ideas

It's time for Rakshabandhan festivities to begin. Come August, and you are likely to be looking for that uber-cool present to wow your sibling with. That includes this uncertain year when you will probably be celebrating from afar. But that doesn't mean you have to compromise on gifting. We bring you a lowdown of some unique gift ideas, from customised alternatives to impressive hampers to get you started. Scroll ahead and read more about the importance of Rakhi before making a selection.

Why Rakhi Is Celebrated

This festival is unlike any other, from ancient Hindu scriptures highlighting the festival's importance to legends about friendships being formed over a strand of thread. And the stories are numerous. One narrates how Yama, the Lord of Death, was tied a rakhi by Goddess Yamuna and granted immortality, marking the beginning of the festival that we celebrate today. Another legend talks about Rani Karnavati of Mewar, who asked Emperor Humayun for help during a war and, along with her request, sent a rakhi to seek protection. Each story puts to the forefront the significance of Rakshabandhan, a festival where sisters tie rakhis on their brother's wrist and in return, he vows to be present for them. Today, it is counted amongst one of the foremost festivals celebrated in several parts of the country.

Rakhi Gift Suggestion For Sister & Brother

Today, the celebrations have evolved for several people, with siblings tying these sacred threads to one another regardless of gender and as a mark of their mutual love and respect. Any celebration would be incomplete without presents, and the same holds for Rakhi, where gifts are exchanged. Wondering what to select for your sister or brother for Rakhi 2021? Without further ado, scroll ahead, read on and then find your pick from the most distinct of Rakhi gift suggestions.

Unique & Personalised Rakhi Gift Ideas

In this day and age, your sibling might have it all, and it wouldn't be surprising if that is the truth. So what Rakhi gift suggestion do you pick based on that information? We suggest narrowing it down to categories before you arrive at a decision. Give thought to their preferences (obviously), but also take their personality and leanings into account. Keeping that thought in mind, we jotted down some Rakhi gift suggestions that might help. Here's taking a sneak peek.

Surprise Them With A Hamper

Still not zeroed in on that ideal Rakhi gift suggestion for sister? Nothing says 'over the top' like a bouquet and a hamper. Let the first choice be something they will love and appreciate. Speaking of which, why not pick the one thing that is bound to bring out a big smile! The 'Cadbury Rich Dry Fruit Gift Hamper with Wooden Tray - Personalised Pack' combines the goodness of melt-in-your-mouth chocolates with rich, delicious nuts, giving way to a terrific gifting option. With an array of your favourite chocolates competing for the top spot—Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Pack, Silk Hazelnut, Silk Roast Almond, Silk Fruit & Nut, Temptation Rum & Raisin and Temptation Almond Treat—there is simply no going wrong with this Rakhi gift suggestion for sister. All you have to do is select and order her favourite chocolates from Cadbury Gifting.

Go The Utilitarian Route

From jade rollers and gua sha tools for makeup aficionados to small bites for your foodie sibling, there are a plethora of Rakhi gifting options to pick from, if only you choose, depending on the utility. You know them and their personality the best; now, all there's left to do is find what they are craving. Oh, and of course, a box of chocolates from Cadbury wouldn't hurt either!

Or Gift Them Something Beautiful

Not every present has to come with a deep meaning attached to it, so if you like something for your brother and plan on sending it across—think a terrific piece of art or a gorgeous collector's piece related to his dedicated hobby—no better time than Rakshabandhan 2021 to seal it. Do you know what else is beautiful? Gift cards that allow them to shop for their favourite things! While you are at it, don't miss out on Cadbury's version of it. And hey, you could always show them that extra love by sending across more than one as a Rakhi gift.

Tap Into Their Choices

No one knows your siblings as you do. After all, you grew up together, and that's not a bond that one can overlook. This brings us to the rakhi gift suggestion for sister. This Rakshabandhan show them that you know their heart's deepest desires by choosing a gift that will strike all the right notes. No pressure, you got this! Just be intuitive, and your rakhi gift will be a sure shot hit.

Get It Personalised

If you plan to steal the show with your Rakhi gift suggestion for sister or brother this year, we strongly recommend a customised present. With Cadbury gifting, you can put together a personalised gift, selecting your mix from the most delicious chocolates. As for the wrapping and Rakhi message, we got your back. Add a short yet sweet text to be shipped along with your gift, and see it create that festive magic. Whether you are a younger brother looking for something equal parts cool and economic or an elder one on the lookout for splurging, Cadbury's personalised gifting packs take everyone into account. Save or go on a spree; there's something for everyone.

Gift An Experience

We aren't done with Rakhi gift suggestions yet. Everyone veers towards presents that will likely last, but one stands out from the crowd. We are speaking of experiences. What could be better, this Rakhi, than the gift of an adventure? Whether it's a bird-watching expedition in the vicinity that has been on their to-do list or a virtual baking class they have been after, everything goes! Surprise your sibling by opting to give them time off as they partake in their favourite activity. Now that's certainly a present to remember.

Something Nostalgic

Remember when sweets were still a novelty, reserved only for the weekends? Any millennial or Gen Z person will identify with the nostalgia of going to the market and getting their favourite chocolate as a treat. And that is what your gift could be this Rakshabandhan. Pack in multiple boxes of Cadbury's offerings, and order them to be sent to your sister or brother, reminding them of the glorious old days. Trust us; this is a Rakhi gift they will be telling their friends about.