Say Happy Chocolate Day with the most decadent treats!

Here comes Chocolate Day, once in a year but a day that makes memories as sweet as the chocolates we share. A chocolate aficionado or a true-blue lover, you should be looking forward to the upcoming Love Week that precedes Valentine Day, especially the third day of this week, which is all about celebrating love with the gooey decadence of chocolates. What better way to proclaim your love or make a lifelong promise to your sweetheart than saying it with this ‘food of the Gods’ according to the Mayans!

If we go by the symbolism of chocolates in dreams, it speaks volumes about positive things like love, passion, happiness, celebration and relaxation. In essence, chocolate is all the things that keep life light, cheerful and exciting. Thus, it only makes sense to gift that special person with such sweet positivity that shows them how significant they are in your life. So, make the most of 9th February 2022, Chocolate Day, and spread joy the way you would want to receive.

Happy Chocolate Day ideas

Best things come in small packages, as the saying goes. So, worry not if you are not ready to make a grand statement, it will still be just as sweet with any Valentine chocolate. If you are struggling with ideas to woo your heartthrob, there couldn’t be a better day than this to proclaim your feelings, as all you need to say can be said by just one Cadbury Valentine chocolate. So, let’s help you with some ideas to sweep your sweetheart off their feet.

Happy Chocolate Day with Personalised Love Tin Box

Surprise your loved one with a special Cadbury I Love You tin box. This lovely box comes with 6 heavenly Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk chocolates of your choice. These smooth and creamy silk chocolates are a perfect gift for letting that special one know how deeply you feel for them. The personalised card is a beautiful addition to make a love note along with a picture of your sweetheart. Don’t shy off today, say it from the depths of your heart, and you can’t go wrong!

Want to get a little more sentimental? We suggest you add a pack of luxury aromatic candles; heart-shaped candles will work wonders and say, “You light up my life.” Now, isn’t that the most romantic thing you have done till date? The Valentine’s Day chocolate box, along with the candles, the love note and the artificial flower that comes with the I Love You Tin Box, will definitely show your love loud and clear.

Happy Chocolate Day with Silk Pralines

Sweet little joys like Cadbury Silk Pralines can say a lot more than their size. Gift your darling this pack of 24 delectable creamy dark and milky chocolate fillings inside Silk chocolate, and watch the joy you bring today. This luxurious pack makes a perfect gift box for someone special who needs to be reminded how significant they are in your life. We don’t say it every day, and we show it even less, but on days like these, just a small chocolate day gift, can say it all out loud.

If you want to make a big occasion of this sweet day, pull out some old photographs of beautiful memories you have built together. String them together in a bunting and display it where your loved one can see it. What a pleasant surprise! Valentine chocolate with this beautiful act of love will take your relationship a notch higher for sure.

Happy Chocolate Day with Cookies Tin Box

Make this Chocolate Day February 2022 a really memorable one for your loved one with just a little extra effort. You can take the celebrations a step up by making it a chocolates-for-every-meal day! Yes, you heard it right! Plan a little ahead and get your groceries sorted, just don’t forget to serve one chocolate dish in every meal to make this a grand Valentine chocolate celebration. Some ideas we can offer here will make you a superstar today and forever.

Heat up some chocolate croissants for breakfast or open up a box of chocolate granola and serve it with some cold milk. During lunch, dish up some dark chocolate-dipped pineapple slices sprinkled with sea salt and see it light up your sweetheart’s face. Snacks for high tea – a bowl of chocolate nut clusters could bring in health and luxury at the same time.

This is the time of day when Cadbury Cookies Tin Box can also be an excellent option. This premium Cookie Tin Box consists of munchies like chocolate-dipped Oreo cookies, Oreo chocolate cookies, Oreo vanilla cookies and Choco Bakes cakes. What better way to treat your cookie monster for high tea than this Valentine’s Day chocolate box!

Time for dinner yet? Chocolate-dipped apples for dessert will make a grand statement and win their heart. Follow it up with some sinfully decadent hot chocolate with extra cocoa sprinkled on top. Sip this delicious treat post dinner on your terrace or veranda, and you have sealed the deal!

So, this Chocolate Day Valentine Week, go all out and affirm your love with small gifts of chocolate that speak of a big heart and bigger promises!