Say Thank You with Diwali Gift Hampers

It’s time for Diwali, the festival of light; time to spread the warmth and cheer with Diwali sweets and gift packs!

● Explore a wide range of Diwali gifts for employees

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● An extensive array of Special Diwali gift hamper ideas to suit every mood and budget.

Our lives have not been easy this year, and all of us have experienced many changes in the post-Covid world. But while the pandemic has unsettled our lives, this has also been a time when we all came together as one humanity to fight the virus. Complete strangers are stepping up as friends to help source vital medical supplies, friends and roommates turning into families in times of isolation, medical and support staff working tirelessly to save lives, families getting closer despite the distances – a time when the spirit of human connection triumphed as never before.

While Diwali celebrations might still be scaled down this season, why not celebrate this year by thanking everyone who spread their light and went out of their way to make our lives easier and happier in these times.

Though nothing beats giving a big thank you hug, you can pour your heartfelt thanks into our wonderful array of Diwali gift hampers, potlis, trays, and luxury chocolate boxes. You can even add that special touch by personalising any of these gift options.

And while it’s difficult to thank the countless helping hands around us, here are ten special people in our lives to whom we can say a big Thank You this Diwali.

Diwali gift ideas for office staff - To the Rocking Team

In spite of the stress of the new normal of work from home, socially distanced meetings, disrupted routines, travel restrictions, relentless pressures of managing both family and work, employees have rallied together to keep the business going. Diwali is a wonderful occasion to say thanks for the great work! Confused about Diwali gift ideas for office staff? Explore our wide range of Diwali chocolate boxes for employees that will even make working from home more satisfying and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Diwali gift hamper ideas - For the Friendly Neighbour

They picked up your groceries when you were in quarantine. Babysat your children when you were struggling with a deadline. Sent in home-cooked food when you were feeling homesick. Neighbours are an innate part of our life support system. Make their Diwali extra sweet this year with our Celebrations Assorted Pack containing a wholesome medley of the classic Cadbury favourites like Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury 5 Star & Gems. Or choose your own favourite from our Diwali chocolate boxes and Diwali gift hamper ideas to express that special thank you.

Diwali sweet gift box - To the buddy bunch

That special bunch of humans who were there through it all, school homework, graduation, wingmen and marriage ceremonies, 3 am calls and all-weather bum-chums – our friends. Life would not be the same without them. Thank them for being there with our Warm Wishes Rich Dry Fruit Collection containing an assorted panned Confectionery in 3 flavours of Cadbury Almond Magic, Cadbury Nut Butterscotch, Cadbury Raisin Magic. Or explore our range of Diwali chocolate boxes to suit the taste of every friend.

Diwali chocolate box - Thank you to the helpful colleague

That colleague who stepped in for you when you were sick during Covid, stayed late at the office to help you finish that last-minute deadline, made that stressful day at work less stressful with their corny jokes, we all have colleagues that make the workplace a better place. Convey your thanks with our extensive mix of Diwali chocolate boxes and chocolate gift hampers for Diwali to convey that thank you for all those times.

Diwali gift hamper ideas - For the best Boss/client/mentor

We all have that one boss, client, or mentor who believed in our capabilities more than we did, inspired us to push our performance beyond what we thought was possible, understood our challenges, and helped us get through them – express your thanks with our Fruit Gift Hamper with Brass Diya with a pack of rich dry fruit chocolates and the option to choose your Own Mix from Dairy Milk Silk and Dark Chocolates or choose your mix from our range of Diwali sweets gift packs and Diwali gift hampers and we guarantee that bond will only go stronger.

Diwali gift hamper ideas - For the support staff

The local Kirana wala who reserved that last milk packet for you, the watchman who made sure all people entering your society gates were suitably sanitised and masked, the janitor who kept the surroundings sparkling clean, the neighbourhood chemist who made sure your father got his diabetes medication despite the lockdown, there are countless people around us who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our lives safe and uninterrupted. Say a special thank you with our Diwali gift hampers and Diwali sweets gift packs.

Diwali gift hamper ideas - For the Medical Fraternity

Our incredible team of doctors and medical staff who worked tirelessly around the clock without worrying about their health to make sure we all stayed safe and healthy. So whether it is your GP or the helpful nurse at the local clinic, say a special thank you with our wide range of Diwali gift ideas and chocolate boxes.

Diwali chocolate box - For the Kind Stranger

That stranger who let you have that last bread loaf in the grocery line, the one who answered your social media request for an urgent hospital bed, the one who volunteered to give blood for a colleague, don’t forget to thank these anonymous heroes this year. Gift them Premium Cookies Tin Box containing Cadbury Oreo Dipped Cookie, Oreo Vanilla Cookies, Chocobake Cookies and Chocobake Cakes or choose amongst any of our Diwali chocolate boxes and Diwali gift hampers.

Best Diwali gifts for family

Your backbone, your tribe, your ‘go-to people; if there's one thing the pandemic has shown us, it's how precious our families are. So whether it's your mom who never stops feeding you tulsi kadha, or dad who reminds you to put on the mask every time you leave the house, or the sibling who never stops arguing, but also never fails to share that last piece of chocolate, or your 5-year-old trying his best to play his drums quietly while you attend that office Zoom call, our families form the bedrock of our life. Celebrate the unique, interesting, incomparable mix they are with our Warm Wishes Rich Dry Fruit Collection containing an Assorted panned Confectionery in 3 flavours - Cadbury Almond Magic, Cadbury Nut Butterscotch, Cadbury Raisin Magic, with something to suit every palate and personality. Or explore an extensive range of Diwali gifts and Diwali sweets online for an amazing range of the best Diwali gifts for family.

To the wifey/husband/partner

Helping us get through tough workdays to caring for children to doing the dishes, to making meals, to holding the fort while we take a breather, or simply chilling at the end of the day with a box of Cadbury minis and Netflix, our spouses and partners always have our back. So whether it's a Diwali gift for your boyfriend or partner, our Warm Wishes Silk Miniatures collection of Classic Chocolate, Sea Salt, Butterscotch, Almond is sure to bring a smile on the face of your special someone.

Make your Diwali special this year with a Cadburys Thank You to all the incredible people out there!