Cadbury Christmas Gifting

Christmas time feels magical with festivities in full swing, the year coming to an end, bright lights everywhere you go, and the spirit of the festival in the air and everywhere. However, what makes it a tad bit more special is the gift exchanges that happen during this month. Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition where you are randomly assigned to a person to give them Secret Santa gifts. This is a popular activity around the world that brings people together in a fun way. The identity of the gift giver remains hidden, hence the word ‘secret’ before Santa. Sounds simple, eh? Then what makes it hard? Perhaps, it’s the process of finding the appropriate secret Santa gifts.

Tips for the Secret Santa event:

The Do’s and Don’ts that will make it a smooth-sailing event.

1. Determine your budget

You don’t want to end up emptying half your wallet on a gift. So, make sure you plan your budget based on your financial situation. This will prevent you from going overboard with your Christmas gifts.

2. Get to know your gift receiver

When you’re looking for secret Santa gift ideas, it might be helpful to know what the receiver likes. Talk to some of their friends, lurk on their social media or simply slip into a conversation about their likes and dislikes without being too suspicious.

3. Don’t tell anyone who you’ve picked

There is a 100% chance that someone might accidentally reveal your identity to the giftee. Not so secretive anymore, huh? That’s why it’s best to keep it a surprise even from your close friends and family. This way, the essence of the game is maintained.

4. Don’t be a cheapskate

Now just because there’s a specific budget, it doesn’t mean you have to pick the first cheapest thing you see. Don’t be a party pooper and try to pick Christmas gifts that will actually be of use to the receiver.

Secret Santa gift ideas that will work for anyone

1. Premium loose leaf teas

That’s right! Nothing like a good cuppa to relieve stress and release some happy hormones. The anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in teas promote wellbeing and overall health. They’re also a refreshing alternative to drinks filled with additives and sugar. Teas can be the best secret Santa gifts because nothing says “I wish you well” as they do.

2. Gift cards

These eliminate the risk of the receiver not liking their Christmas gifts. It gives them the liberty to choose something they like at their own convenience. Gift cards are easy to find and fuss-free to redeem.

3. Self-care Christmas gift hampers

A good self-care hamper includes snacks, a drink, placards with funny or inspirational quotes and definitely something for a pamper session. You can always include more items to suit the preferences of the receiver. For DIY hampers, a helpful tip would be sticking to small items so they can all be neatly placed in a basket.

4. A box of Christmas chocolates

One of the best secret Santa gifts to give someone since chocolates are easily available, well-liked and thoughtful at the same time. Cadbury gifting offers plenty of choices across different budgets like the Cadbury Gift Box For All Occasions, Warm Wishes Dry Fruit Collection; Warm Wishes Silk Bar & more. Simply go online and order them to the address of the recipient. You can also add in a greeting and a photograph if you like.

However, playing Secret Santa in your friend circle is a whole different experience from playing it otherwise. Here, you’re already well informed of their likes and dislikes, which can make the gift exchange a less daunting experience.

Secret Santa gifts for friends that will get you extra brownie points

1. Matching Jewellery

Jewellery holds sentimental value and is long-lasting. Customising a necklace for your bestie to match yours or picking an accessory you both like is a good way to start. You can also browse online for silver jewellery and other metals that may fit your budget and buy two sets of the same.

2. Getaway trip

Go big or go home. Nobody knows your friends as you do. You know their favourite food, drink and of course vacation spots. So, if you’ve got a massive budget, why not gift them tickets to a getaway where they can rest and rejuvenate. You can pick up their ticket fares, hotel bookings or even tickets to amusement parks that they’ve always wanted to go to – whatever you like!

3. Travel Passport Wallet

This one’s for the travel freaks. A passport wallet that holds their passport, tickets and other travel documents is a very helpful gift to keep everything organised. These have pockets for everything and will keep your items safe and away from thieves.

4. Fuzzy Slide Slippers

These cosy yet stylish slippers are perfect to wear indoors during the winters to keep their toes snuggly and warm. Plus, they look good on the Instagram story aesthetics.

With these tips, you’re sure to ace the Secret Santa game. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!