Share a Raksha Bandhan Poem With Your Gifts

The perfect gift is one that you create with your hands; or choose for the receiver, especially, keeping his or her likes in mind. In the hurried times we live in, to be able to craft a handmade gift may be challenging, good intentions notwithstanding. The next best thing to do? Personalise your gift.

CadburyGifting allows you to do so in a beautifully, heart-felt way. Pick from our expansive Raksha Bandhan gifts of different chocolates, and personalise your sweet gift with a message and a photo. Do one better and add a Raksha Bandhan poem, and you have the perfect gift for your loved one!

You may pick Raksha Bandhan poems or verses celebrating sibling bonds in all its myriad hues – from the Internet, books and anthologies. However, in order to celebrate the true significance of Raksha Bandhan, we suggest you pen your own poems, enclosing in the words your emotions and thoughts. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a way with words – it’s the thought that counts. What you feel for your loved one is unique, so you must write your own poems expressing them. Here are some ideas to get you started.

How to Make Rakhi Memorable for Your Sister

For a beloved sister, order a Raksha Bandhan Special Bar pack with two of her favourite Silk chocolates in it. You may have the gift personalised with her name and a short message which is specific to your sister. For a sibling who enjoys a good laugh, maybe you could say something like this: ‘Keep laughing always, Chutki!’ or for a sister who is a bookworm: ‘More books to you, Sis!’

The Raksha Bandhan poem you enclose with your gift of chocolate may tie in with your gift and underline the true importance of Rakhi. Here are some thoughts.

The scent of chocolate

Will always remind me

Of you, of us

The fun we had

Growing up together

Fighting over chocolates

Playing hopscotch

(Your all-time favourite)

Sharing secrets

Sharing sorrows

And most of all,

Sharing laughs.

Thanks for being my Sis!

Rakhi Celebration Ideas To Delight your Brother

For your brother who stays very busy, maybe a pack of pick-me-up Silk Miniatures to encourage him to take ‘nibbling-breaks’ of sweet chocolates in convenient bite-size miniatures. You can personalise the pack you order for him with his photo and a message – maybe something like this: ‘Take that energy-break, Bro!’

Raksha Bandhan poems for brothers can focus on any aspect of a beloved brother. Here’s a Rakhi poem suggestion from us to get you thinking:

I love the way

You make time for me

My worries, big & small

I love the way

You work so hard

And are so good at it

I love the way

You are so patient

With Amma & Papa

I love the way

You are YOU

Few Rakhi messages for brothers would compare with such a lovely, heartfelt poem! So go on, give it a try. We are sure your brother will love it.

The Story of Raksha Bandhan has Many Meanings

Today, Raksha Bandhan activity does not revolve just around siblings. Rakhi has universally come to be regarded as a festival to celebrate all relationships, a time to reach out to people we love and respect in our lives. People we feel will always look out for us.

So order our beautifully crafted Satin Potlis with a thick golden drawstring to make for a delightful pouch for your special people. Customise it with your choice of Silk chocolates and gift them with little poems written in the personalised cards inside. Here are ideas of very short poems on Rakhi in English – but remember, a Rakhi message like this may be in the language your giftee is most comfortable in. It will make it all the more special. Here’s one for a mentor or elderly parent-like figure.


For being my anchor

Through Times

Good & bad

And for a dear friend who has been with you through the years and holds a special place in your heart, maybe you would want to share a loving haiku.

I never had a sister…

And I never missed one

I have you, that’s enough

My sister-friend forever…

How to Make Rakhi At Home Truly Meaningful

Festivals, and especially Raksha Bandhan, is particularly meaningful in our lives today. With the rush of urban living, the frenetic need to fulfil work commitments, take care of future security, and all the focusing on ‘just me, myself and mine’… maybe it is time we pause a while to truly appreciate human connections. Rakhi is perfect for taking a breather to be thankful for all the good people we have in our lives.

If you have close family and friends over this Rakhi, order special Silk Bars for each one, personalised with their names and a special message. Here’s a poem you may want to tuck into each chocolate pack.

The Way We Are…

Morning breaks,

And our rush begins.

Breakfast, kids, work

Groceries to be ordered

Work fires to be doused

Homework to be sorted

Before we know it,

It’s over, the day.

And day follows day

And we miss telling you…

Just how special you are to us!

This Rakhi a simple note to say:

Thank you for being our friend.