diwali gifts for family

With the magical festive season upon us, celebrations of the festival of light, Diwali is just around the corner to revitalise our spirits with warmth and prosperity. There’s nothing sweeter than coming together with the people we love, talking about the fun times, getting dressed in our ethnic best, indulging in delicious foods and one of the most fun aspects – sharing gifts as a way of showering those closest to us with love and good wishes. Here are some Diwali gifts for family to help you pick out gifts that are thoughtful and memorable…

Significance of Diwali

This five-day festival is one of the biggest and one of the most important festivals celebrated in India. While the origin story of Diwali differs from state to state, the one auspicious reason that binds them all together is that Diwali is celebrated as the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. It’s no wonder that Diwali is also called the festival of light. And why a significant part of the rituals involved during this time is lighting diyas in your house to eradicate evil and darkness and as an invitation to the Goddess Lakshmi.

Celebrating Diwali today

Whether you are lucky enough to be surrounded by your loved ones at home or whether you are connecting with those close to you over a video call, the celebrations of Diwali are as electrifying as ever this year too. With online gifting making long-distance Diwali celebrations so much easier, everyone can partake in the joy of sharing gifts.

At Cadburygifting, you can get Diwali gift hampers delivered straight to your loved one’s doorstep. Ranging from a potli with assorted treats for the little ones to delicious cookies for your sister, we have some of the best Diwali gifts for family for you to choose from.

So, make this festive season extra chocolatey and pamper your family with these chocolate gift hampers for Diwali…

Diwali gifts for parents

If you want to show your mom and dad how much they mean to you by spoiling them with delicious treats they will enjoy, then these Diwali gift hamper ideas are for you. They are perfect for the loving parent who has always been by your side, through good times and bad. So if mom and dad love dry fruits, then the Rich Dry Fruit Collection would be the ideal gift for them. The elegant tin box saves you from having to think of Diwali hamper packaging ideas.

Make them feel special for all they do for you by choosing the Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Gift Hamper with Brass Diya. You can customise the mix of 5 chocolate bars from the Dairy Milk Silk and Dark Chocolates ranges. What’s even better is that it comes in a traditional wooden tray that your parents will appreciate. Add a personalised note telling them how much you love them, and watch their faces light up as you hand them these Diwali chocolate boxes.

Chocolate Diwali gifts for your sister

For the sister who you have shared a laugh with and who has been there as a shoulder to cry on when you’ve needed her, some chocolatey goodness this Diwali will brighten up her day in no time. Try the Warm Wishes Silk Miniatures for your sister. The 24 Dairy Milk miniatures come in 4 decadent flavours – Classic Chocolate, Sea Salt, Butterscotch and Almond. She will treasure the personalised box complete with her name and a photo of her.

For the evening chai or coffee-loving sister, there could be nothing more thoughtful than the Premium Cookies Tin Box. A more modern Diwali sweets box pick, it comes with 4 varieties of Oreo Cookies – Oreo Dipped, Oreo, Choco Bakes and Choco Bakes Cakes – a sweet Diwali for the sweet sister!

Diwali chocolate gift pack for your brother

The brother who doesn’t like too much sweetness or the fitness-enthusiast brother would love dark chocolate as Diwali chocolate gifts. The Dark and Divine Gift box is perfect for this occasion. The combination of Dark Milk and Bournville – 1 Dark Milk, 2 Bournville Rich Cocoa and 2 Bournville Cranberry Chocolate – comes with a personalised card that he can keep as a memory of this lovely moment. Add a photo of him and write out a mushy message that is sure to embarrass him but is a gesture he will secretly love.

A Cadbury Celebration Diwali for the little ones

For the kids who are probably just waiting for all the Diwali sweets gift packs to arrive so they can dive in and eat chocolate till they are in a food coma, these Diwali hamper ideas will definitely sweeten their taste buds. Choose between the Warm Wishes Kids Potli and the Celebrations Assorted Pack, both filled with treats they won’t be able to stay away from. The Warm Wishes Kids Potli has 1 Fruit and Nut, 1 Chocobakes, 1 Gems Surprise, 1 Silk Oreo, 1 Lickables and 1 Dairy Milk packed in a satin potli. You can also opt for the Celebrations Assorted Pack filled with the all-time kids’ favourites – 2 Dairy Milk, 1 Cadbury 5 star and 2 Gems.

So pick up these Diwali hampers and celebrate with some chocolate flavoured goodness.