Significance of and Gift Ideas for Gudi Padwa 2020

Heralding the onset of spring, Gudi Padwa symbolises the traditional New Year merriment for all the Marathi Hindus. It showcases a beautiful transition of two seasons, wherein it marks the end of the harvest season and the onset of spring. It is held on the first day of the Chaitra month and marks the first day of spring.

When talking about the significance of the festival, it holds a special place among Hindus in different states of India as well. The word Padwa is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘pratipada’ which means the first day of a lunar fortnight. The entire event is celebrated with excitement and pleasure by the people residing in the Deccan region. To add significance to the event, people draw rangoli on the floor either by using flower petals, powder colours and petals. This gesture is considered as an ideal way to give a pleasant and warm welcome to all the relatives, friends and guests. All the members of the house deck up in their best attires, while as a customary rule, women of the houses prepare various traditional sweet dishes where all the members of the family can gather and relish them together.

However, gifting is one of the main traditions of Gudi Padwa. The elder and older members of the family offer gifts and money to the younger family members as a token of affection and care. Hence, here is a list of stunning Gudi Padwa gifts ideas that you can offer to your girlfriend/ boyfriend, wife/ husband, family and friends.

1. Sweets: Every Indian festival indulges in massive consumption of sweets, and nothing is ever complete without relishing a bite or two of traditional homemade desserts. Sweets ranging from delicious gulab jamuns, and tender rasgullas to soft laddoos and milk cakes, options are in plenty to choose from either from a nearby store or online.

2. Dry fruits: Save aside the mouthwatering sweets, a box full of crispy and crunchy dry fruits make an ideal gift option to offer to a loved one during Gudi Padwa. Such a box of goodness packed with healthy treats will also make a great Gudi Padwa gift for husband or wife. In case you’re buying it online, you can choose and pick the dry fruits you want to send over to your beloved and leave a heartwarming note for a dash of delight.

3. Spiritual items: Gudi Padwa is the perfect occasion to gift religious items to your family members, friends and close relatives. Since this auspicious occasion marks the beginning of a new season, gifts usually like tiny idols of gods and goddesses and gold and silver coins are considered as most exceptional gifts to hand over to your loved ones as a gesture of good luck.

4. House plants: Something as small as a bamboo plant or any indoor air-purifying plant will make an excellent gift for your near and dear ones. The plants will imbue a fresh vibe and spill bright shades of green to create a soothing and calm ambience within the home.

5. Personalised chocolates: For any occasion in India, chocolates are that one gift item that leaves a broad smile in the faces and heart of your loved ones. Personalised chocolates, rich in dry fruits and nuts, packed in a beautiful box and wrapped in a festive covering paper will surely make an ideal Gudi Padwa gift for your family.

Choose from Our Gudi Padwa Gift Ideas – Ideal for Girlfriend/ Boyfriend, Wife/ Husband, Family and Friends

With these exceptional gift ideas, you can now occupy a dear place in someone’s thoughts. Make the most of the festival and get the excitement up in the air with gestures that will delight the heart of your loved ones.