Significance of Rakhi, Post Pandemic

This year, the significance of Raksha Bandhan, a joyous time where bonds are refreshed, goes up manifold. The festival is essentially a celebration of the loving protection extended by the strong to the needy.

And never has humankind been more in need of protection and nurturing than now with most of the world still battling the rogue virus.

Let us gather our strength and spread cheer with some sweet ‘recipes’ for Rakhi as we battle the pandemic.

Why Rakhi is Celebrated

Before we talk of gift ideas for chocolate lovers, listen to why we celebrate Rakhi.

RAKHI - Deeper significance today

Legend has it that Lord Krishna cut his finger while handling sugarcane during Makar Sankranti. His queen, Rani Rukmani, sent word to the palace to send bandages, but Draupadi, who was close by, tore off a bit of her saree and bandaged Krishna’s finger to stop the bleeding. Touched, Krishna vowed to always protect her. And defend her he did, when Duryodhan set about disrobing her in the open palace in a frenzy of jealous anger. Krishna’s divine intervention brought about a miracle whereby Draupadi’s saree became unending. Try as he might, Duryodhan was not able to get the drape off Draupadi.

A latter-day story shows that the spirit of Rakhi transcends religion. Rani Karnavati of Mewar is said to have sent a Rakhi to Mughal Emperor Humayun seeking his protection from the ruler of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah, who wanted to oust Vikramjeet, the Rani’s son. Humayun was too late to save the queen, but he did defeat Bahadur Shah and install Vikramjeet as the rightful ruler of Mewar, thus keeping his promise to the Rani.

How Do We Celebrate Rakhi Today

Today, the protectors of humanity against the pandemic are scientists, doctors, health care professionals, leaders and governments. In symbolic support of the wider community which toils night and day to save us from the deadly scourge, we need to bolster our ties of mutual support and protection. Rakhi provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Let’s tie the sacred thread on each other and offer thanks that we have our friends and family to protect us from harm. Nothing could be better than a ‘chocolate affirmation’ to mark this time of celebration. Here are some ideas on how you can make sweets for Rakhi speak a sweeter language with the addition of your personalised touch.

Chocolate Gift Ideas for Rakhi

  1. For your sibling: Here is how to make Rakhi at home truly significant. Add the Raksha Bandhan Special Bar to your gifts for your sibling. Do check details on Cadburygifting. You can choose any two chocolates from the Dairy Milk collection to go into the pack and personalise it with your sibling’s name and photo.
  2. The note inside can be a fun reference to any of the characters in the Rakhi stories. For instance, here’s a fun Rakhi message for brother: ‘Hey bro, I’m ready to play Draupadi to your Krishna – even though I don’t wear a saree.’

  3. For your favourite relatives: A Celebrations Premium Assorted Gift Pack is an excellent surprise to send across to your favourite mama, tauji or cousin, and their families. Your note here can go something like this: ‘Love you for having my back always. You’re my second family. Here is a sweet strengthening of our bonds. Happy Rakhi!’
  4. For the confidante Bhabi: Definitely the Rakhi Potli, which contains an assortment of delicious Dairy Milk chocolates, the ‘Cadbury celebrations Rakhi’, the Lumba Rakhi, and Roli Chawal. This is for a sister-in-law who is more the protective sister. Whatever your problems, you know Bhabi will support you and help you find your way.
  5. For the Boss who is more mentor: It must be the Gift Basket for this special person who shows you the way, advises you, protects you from stumbling and making the wrong decisions. He can be a former boss, a teacher, your parent – a ‘guiding light’ in your life. This gift will be all the sweeter for being unexpected. On the personalised note, you can write all the things you value in him or her – things you may be too embarrassed to say in person.

These are just some examples to get you started on understanding and honouring the significance of Rakhi as a festival where we must celebrate all who protect us from the ills around us.

Think out-of-the-box. You, too, can be the protector. Reach out to a friend fallen to bad times, an old neighbour who lives alone, a troubled colleague – Cadburygifting has just the gift you can send across, completely personalised too. And no need to worry about gift wrapping ideas, Cadburygifting has the perfect packaging as well.

In these post-pandemic times, let us reach out, connect and spread good cheer, hope and sweetness!